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Feb 6, 2006 03:47 PM

What's the BEST Indian food in Manhattan?

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What is the BEST Indian restaurant in Manhattan? By best I mean the most delicious, most authentic food - the decor doesn't have to be anything great. Also, the price can't be too crazy expensive. Can anyone recommend a place?

Thank you!!!

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  1. Banjara, Brick Lane and Panna II...even Devi and Dawat aren't "crazy expensive."

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      though more fusion than true indian, the bread bar
      at tabla has some of the best lunch meals going....

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        Speaking of lunch, Devi (mentioned above by Tikka) is offering the 3-course prix-fixe for $24.07 year round. That price is up from what the $20.12 they had been charging. But for the superb cuisine they offer, it's still a bargain.

    2. We really like Saravanaas (all South Indian, by the way). I'd eat there over most other Indian restaurants in the city any day.



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        Huzzah Huzzah

        I will second Sarawanaas, which is a branch of a restaurant chain run out of Chennai (I think). This is by far the best south indian I have had in New York, and probably ties their Mountain View California branch for the best I have had in the United States.


      2. GULP! Well, you've got two excellent posts here by recognized expert hounds. But what the who, I'm gonna throw in my three cents.

        Cent 1: Tamarind- Surprising not too too expensive and far better thaqn Danny Meier fake-Indian like Tabla. Get the Murgh Lazeez! Oh man, the murgh lazeez. Gives me goose bumps just thinking of it.

        Cent 2: Some Indian Restaurant that these guys were hyping here the other day. Now this isn't really fair, but if you scroll down a bit there was a thread on the best no-nonsense cheap/good/chowish Indian food in the city. It was somewhere in the 30s (though not in Curry Hill). Yikes! If some chow knows it, please post it as a reply!

        Cent 3(a.k.a obligatory Curry Hill cent): Curry and Curry: Now I'm going to come right out and say it: I think the Samosa Chaat at curry and Curry is the best I've had anywhere, including Jersey's little India. Try the great Chicken Tikka Masala, which they sell bucketloads of, and also the excellent aloo paneer. At lunch time for a lunch box featuring both and a another vegtable it's 7 bucks!

        Other fave places of mine include Rangole over on 46th for a lunch buffet, Lassi on Greenwich Ave for a nice non-traditional Indian experience, and a gem of a place called Indus Valley over on Broadway and 100th for an off the beaten path sort of thing.

        I suppose that's a bunch of places, but hey, do the chowish thing and try them all. Then decide which you like best and report on it!

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        1. re: Nick F.

          we were hyping MINAR on 30th bet. 5th and Broadway.

        2. Try Karahi in Soho. Right behind Tommy Hilfiger on Broome, off W. Broadway. Unpretensious and excellent wait staff. Good prices. Usually I cannot stop munching on the papadam.

          1. For Northern Indian,I like Swagat on Amsterdam at (I think) 80th.

            I haven't found a fave South Indian yet, since they've all been good.

            BTW, avoid Bengal Café on Amsterdam at 111th. Dullest meal of my life. And the naan is STOREBOUGHT.