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Feb 5, 2006 12:03 AM

variations on a chicken wing?

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Looking for "different" chicken wings to enjoy during the Super Bowl tomorrow with friends on the UWS. Blondie's is probably the default for "Buffalo-style" and they deliver. Does anyone know of any yummy chicken wings with an ethnic twist (Thai/Caribbean/Malysian)? I am definitely NOT a wings expert!

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  1. You can get Japanese Sansyo Chicken Wings at Soba Koh on East 5th in the EV. Really extraordinary & there's a pic of them on our site.

    Great idea, by the way.



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      Japanese tebasaki are also particularly good at Kasadela on 11th near C. There's also a shop in the Flatiron that just sells tebasaki and a couple of other items, though I find the ones at Kasadela to be the best I've had outside of Nagoya, Japan.

      1. re: Lambretta76

        I think you're thinking of Tebaya on w. 19th. Very good Nagoya style wings. Kasadela's are better IMO, but Tebaya is a take-out place and would be happy to deliver a huge bucket, I'm sure.


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          Indeed. Tebeya did my Super Bowl party proud with their tasty wings!

    2. On the UWS,Harriets Kitchen has far better wing on than Blondies, and they deliver...

      1. Too late on this one but WINGZ on 10 st and 3rd ave has 21 variations of Wings!!! They have about 7 levels of buffalo wings but I prefer their dry rub variations (garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, blackened cajun & cool ranch). They also have several types of bbq wings. The wait is long(like 15 minutes) but it is so worth it. I actually call ahead and put my order in for a pickup order.

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          Also too late, but Ginger on 116th and 5th does baked chicken wings, instead of fried, and they are very good.

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            i've been meaning to try this place. are there seats there to eat in?