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Feb 2, 2006 04:37 PM

barbecue pork buns

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Could someone recommend a place to get a snack of barbecue pork buns in Chinatown? Does "Fried Dumpling" have them? Does everybody have them and this is a silly question to be asking?


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  1. Mandarin Court has some good bbq pork buns.

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    1. re: Phil E.

      i love my pork but for the life of me, my favorite 'pork' buns are from vegetarian dim sum house...fake pork but the bun is a marshmellow.

    2. I like chathams on 9 chatham sq. in chinatown. Another popular choice is Mei Lai wah on Bayards. Be your own judge, buy both and compare side by side since its located within 5 minutes form each other. Its either one or the either. You can get baked/steamed from both locations.
      Fried dumplings buns are different altogether. Its been previously frozened and steamed on the day of. The filling is usually pork with cabbage unless specified.

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        I have to agree with Mei Lei Wah, they have exceptional steamed buns.

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          both are good, toss up (mei lai wah is more consistent though), i liked the steamed ones at both better.

        2. I had great pork buns (steamed and roasted) today at a bakery on Canal b/t Eldridge and Forsythe (north side of Canal...sorry forgot the name)

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            Sorry, it's on GRAND St., b/t Eldridge and Forsythe (north side of Grand...Lucky Bakery (?))

          2. Fried Dumpling on Allen Street does not have what you are looking for. They have pork buns, but they are stuffed like a dumpling, with ground pork, cabbage, and I believe a little mushroom. They are excellent, especially because they are 4 for $1.00, but again, not what you seem to be seeking.

            1. Most Chinese bakeries and all dim sum restaurants in Chinatown will have bbq pork buns, which is a Cantonese style dish. A lot of them will have both steamed and baked versions. Your dumpling houses will not have bbq pork buns because they are generally not Cantonese style eateries.