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Jan 24, 2006 10:05 AM

Eleven Madison Park recommendations

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Very excited to finally be going to Eleven Madison Park for dinner tonight, for restaurant week. Are there any particular dishes people recommend, should they happen to be on the menu? I've also heard their wine list is quite good.

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  1. I ate there just last night for RW and was very pleased with what I ordered.

    Started with the squid appetizer, which was lightly deep-fried in a corn flour batter, served on a bed of peppery arugula and a few dollops of a garlicky herb remoulade. Main course was the braised short ribs with broccoli rabe and slivers of shoestring potatoes. And dessert was heavenly: Meyer lemon cheesecake served with a scoop of a tart lemon sorbet, and a handful of sugar-sweet raspberries.

    My friend ordered the Bosc pear salad, the roasted cod served with prosciutto and cannellini beans, and a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate mousse.

    I had a delightful time... hope you do, too.

    1. I ate there last night..what a treat! The service was very friendly and polite but still informal. The restaurant is located just outside the lobby of the Met Life building. The art deco interior with a high ceilings, subdued lighting make it a special place and you can converse in normal tones unlike so many other overcrowded or large restaurants. This is special enough but then you also get to eat well!

      The prix-fixe dinner included a plate of about 8 small hors d'oeuvres, a plate of small desert single bite snacks and a brioche loaf to take home for breakfast.

      Our group had the Glazed California Muscovy Duck with Lavender-Honey and Spices (for two), the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin "Poelé" with Braised Oxtail and Sauce Bordelaise and my choice -- the Scottish Salmon "Mi-Cuit" with Fennel and Fleur de Sel. The Mi-Cuit (half-cooked) preparation resulted in a moist and tasty salmon. Extra servings of vegetables were also ordered since the portions were on the small side. The broccoli was good but the steamed spinach was perfection.

      Warning -- dinner for 8 took four hours but they went by very quickly in a NY foodie minute.

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        "Our group had the Glazed California Muscovy Duck with Lavender-Honey and Spices (for two"

        One of the best dishes being served in Manhattan right now.

      2. Avoid the "Queue de Veau" if you do the gourmand menu. It doesn't sing and at the end of the tasting, just doesn't fit with the menu.