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Best Burger?

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What and where is the best NYC Burger, and what makes it so good?


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  1. j
    Josh Eisenman

    Now that McHale's is SADLY gone, I'd have to say that Faneli's is pretty damn good. The Corner Bistro is classic, but the wait and the meat-loaf-sized burgers make it a close second. I'd also recommend Jane Street Tavern, catty-corner from Corner Bistro.

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    1. re: Josh Eisenman

      the last time i went to fanelli's i had a burger.
      It was like a hockey buck on a roll.

      1. re: my3sons

        Westville is great.....it's a little bit of a scene but has anyone tried Lucky Strike in Soho? There fries are great also

    2. n

      A popular (and heated) subject so check past posts.

      A name you won't see but should is Westville.
      1) The patty is the perfect thickness
      2) The patty tastes meaty but not gamey
      3) The bun is slightly sweet and strong enough to hold the jucy patty

      It's perfection. Really. I've had all the famous ones(Corner B., JG Melon's, Burger Joint, Better Burger, DB Bistro, Rare, PJ Clarks, McHales, Michael J's, Shake Shack, Soup Burg, Prime Burger, etc.) I've even had some other great unknows (Nice Matin, Chumley's, Aix, Tavern on Jane).

      This is the best.

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      1. re: NativeNewYorker

        I like Shake Shack the best, but they are closed for the season. Burger Joint in the Parker Meridien hotel is also awesome. I've heard the Luger burger (go for lunch) is unreal.

        Where is Westville?

        1. re: Traz0r

          on the corner of W 10th/W 4th

          1. re: dyre

            Stay clear of Westville, they serve their burgers on a flimsy english muffin. Plus, you have to put up with their lousy attitude.

            1. re: dyre

              Stay clear of Westville, they serve their burgers on a flimsy english muffin. Plus, you have to put up with their lousy attitude.

              1. re: Hungry Mike

                It's not an English muffin. It's a Portuguese roll, and it's perfect.

          2. re: NativeNewYorker

            Wollenski's Grill.

            They grind the filet tips for the burgers.

            1. re: e.kaye

              I'm not excited about burgers made partially out of filet (although this is probably not that unusual a practice). Burger meat should come from flavorful cuts with a decent amount of fat. The filet fails on both accounts.

              1. re: zEli173

                Agreed. Pieces of filet have no business being in a burger.

          3. e

            The burgers at Walkers, on North Moore and Hudson in Tribeca are great. Also, even though Veselka's is known for its Ukrainian food, their burgers are awesome.

            1. I have two places that are my favorites for burgers:

              #1 - Molly's 22nd Street & Third Avenue. Have never ever been disappointed with the burgers at Molly's. Fresh tasty beef; never pre-cooked and broiled to order. The bun stands up to the beef and I love the pubby cozy atmosphere and the waitresses who have been there for ages. Sit in a booth near the fireplace on a rainy day and have a Guinness and burger and you'll see what I mean. Blows all the other pseudo pubs out of the water.

              #2 - Waterfront Ale House, 30th Street & 2nd Avenue.
              Another beefy tasty burger with delicious thick ridgey fries on the side are burger nirvana for me. Delicious.

              Both Molly's and Waterfront are reasonable and attract locals and people from other areas on the weekend. A big difference from the frat boy crowd you'll see at some of the other well-known burger joints that IMO aren't half as good.

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              1. re: Flynn

                Those are two of my favorites, as well. In addition to the burgers, their onion rings at Molly's and the Waffle Fries and fresh popcorn at Waterfront are great. Plus Waterfront has a great selection of tap and bottled beer.

                Other favorites
                -Peter Luger's (Note - lunch only)
                -Burger Joint
                -Shake Shack
                -Blue Smoke

                I've stopped going to Corner Bistro because they've been precooking their burgers for while now. That just absolutely destroys a burger. Last time I went, the burger was barely edible.

                1. re: Flynn

                  I second Molly's - burgers are great and..... they are really nice there....

                  One day go to Corner Bistro and Molly's back to back... you'll never put up with the 'tude again

                2. Has anyone tried the burger ay 5 points on Great Jones? Aside from the brunch, that I think is scrumptious, the burger and 4 cheese mac and cheese are to dye for. I defy someone to find better!

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                  1. re: lynny_lynny

                    Despite the hectic and crowded atmosphere, J.G. Melons has to have the best burgers. The staff is great.

                    1. re: eecsierrrr

                      I actually thought the service was lacking when I went, though I've only been there once - I didn't even expect great service, but certainly not the level of curtness that I got, and it wasn't particularly busy at the time...

                      The burger itself was great though, as were the cottage fries (gotta order them separately).

                      1. re: eecsierrrr

                        The burgers are great, but the staff is notoriously brusqe.

                      2. re: lynny_lynny

                        I was disappointed with the burger at Five Points,it had a surprising lack of flavor. It was cooked medium so maybe the trick is to have it rare or medium rare. Either that or it was an off day. I agree with you though on their mac and cheese, very addictive.

                      3. I just got back from my first visit "behind the curtain" and boy was I ready for my Burger Joint experience! Perhaps it's best when high expectations don't get in the way. The burger was good (fries and brownie were better, but I had no expectations of those). If I were in that neighborhood and in the mood for a burger, no question, I'd go to the Burger Joint. I just wouldn't go out of my way.

                        But like the folks who love Molly's (and I'm making a point of going there) -- I have my "never disappoint" burgers. Big Nick's is my favorite and coming up number two with a bullet, Texas BBQ on B'way and 97th. I'm always completely satisfied by these burgers. They are my "go-to" burgers.

                        1. As a "Sweatshirt Guy" I knows burgers. Try Flight 151s on 8th Ave. Good stuff.

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                            1. re: amyleechen

                              We made it to Molly's on Saturday evening. Great burgers -- juicy, cheesy and very filling. Still love my Big Nick's and Texas BBQ, but Molly's is up on the list.

                              I sure love these boards!

                          1. I reallllly want to try the new restaurant BLT. Also, the best turkey burger I have ever had in life was at The Den in Harlem. Smokey, seasoned, thick and flavorful! YUMMMM!

                            1. I would agree with the recommendations for Mollys. I had my first Molly burger a few months ago and have been dying to go back. I also loved their fries. Jane also has a good burger, I am surprised it is not mentioned more often. Finally, if you can put up with the scene and aggravation of the reservation process, Pastis has a great burger.

                              1. Without question the best burgers are at JG Melons. If you're idea of a great burger is not an enormous slab of beef, than JG Melons is the place for you. Nice sized burgers...juicy. Must try, just be prepared for tight quarters as the space is small and usually super crowded.

                                1. I'm surprised no one has mentioned fairways. They have excellent burgers and if you like them you can go to their meat market downstairs and buy them raw. I think they are better than Burger Joint.

                                  1. Fairway Cafe is a hidden gem for B'fast, lunch & dinner. The big boy b'fast w/the mini pancakes & real vermont maple syrup always hits the spot. Best chicken soup & BLT combo around for lunch. The dinner menu is somewhat eclectic-I've had the burgers & they are good just uneven. Last time I was there they gave me a miniburger-seriously it was a pygmy sized hamburger that I gulped down in 3 bites. I ordered another and they brought me a burger 3 times bigger that I couldn't finish-quite bizarre but tasty. Good fries too. And great selection of wines by the glass that are dirt cheap...

                                    1. I have to defend Corner Bistro. While the burgers are not always consistent, when you get a great one you're in heaven. I've also never had a pre-cooked burger. Plus they deep fry the bacon and the fries in the same fryer so they both taste like bacon.
                                      They have made a few changes over the years, but have rarely let me down for years. As for the attitude, I find it comforting to know that everyone has to wait in the same line regardless of who they are / think they are. I also think it makes the burger taste better since you're starving/drunk by the time you get to the front of the line.

                                      1. I thought Molly's closed? As far as attitude at Westville, I never experienced it, plus the place is full of hot chicks every day. What's not to like? The burger is great there, also the turkey burger.

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                                        1. re: sing me a bar

                                          I was at Molly's last night for a post-election celebratory cheddar cheeseburger and a couple of pints. I mean Molly's Shebeen at 287 3rd Avenue between 22nd and 23rd.

                                          The burger was cooked to order (medium rare) and the cheddar melted perfectly on both the meat and bun. It had that wonderful cahr taste and was juicy and delcious. My friend got the fries and I had the onion rings and both were very good.

                                          Besides having one of the best burgers in town, it's hard to find a spot more warm and welcoming than Molly's and the decor and ambiance are just perfect!

                                        2. Ok, so I'm gonna stick my toe in the water on this one. If anyone cares to search my posts over the years (I used to post under "Nor'easter" on the old board), you'll find that I've always been a big fan of the burger joint. I ate there again last night (my friend and I had a ridiculously gluttonous meal, each consuming two burgers, a bag of fries, half a pitcher of beer, a brownie, and a shake!), and although I loved it, I think I've concluded that there must be a better burger out there. Don't get me wrong, bj's burgers a great, but probably not "best burger" material. They definitely benefit from the environment in which they are served (as does Shake Shack: I could be wrong, but I don't think SS's burgers would fare as well as they do were it not for the setting; that said, I think environment is a VERY important element of the enjoyment of food).

                                          So where are my ramblings going? I will continue to enjoy my bj burgers, but I think it's time for me to venture out and sample some of the others discussed in this and other similar threads. I'll report back!

                                          1. I never see this listed among the best burgers in nyc but my absolute favorite is at Veselka on 2nd ave. and 9th st. I had been going there for years for decent pierogies and sandwiches before trying the burger and could not believe what i'd been missing.

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                                            1. re: etowernyc

                                              I agree with etowernyc regarding the burgers at Veselka--they are incredible! Veselka gets all their meat from the East Village Meat Market, which is right across the street on 2nd Ave & 9th Street, and it is one of the best meat markets in NYC. Veselka is known for their great Ukranian food, but, who knew they had such fabulous burgers? www.veselka.com

                                              1. re: eastvillagegirl

                                                I join you two is recommending Veselka - one of the most underappreciated burgers in the city - it was a true revelation the first time I ate one. And, they get medium rare.

                                            2. Prime Burger East 50's--the best