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Jan 23, 2006 03:11 PM

'wichcraft Bryant Park

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I didn't realize that 'wichcraft had a branch in Bryant Park. Website said it's opened yearly - is this so? It's a bit of a walk from my office but not so far as to make it impossible. Also, how's the food? The menu looks quite amazing and I'm in need of something new and different - been working/living in very adjacent neighborhood for far to long and am totally bored by everything at this point.


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  1. They've been open since this past summer. I've only eaten from the sandwich kiosk. The few options at the salad/soup didn't do it for me and I've been meaning to try to Ice Creamery one, but something about a $5 milk shake keeps me away, even though I love the $4 shakes at Shake Shack. All the sandwiches are pretty pricey. About $5 for the grilled cheese and up to around $9 for the others. I've had the roast pork, grilled cheese and the turkey/avocado and all were great.

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      I've gotten so used to those kind of prices from Chez Laurence in Murray Hill for lunch nearly every day for the last 10 years that they don't shock me LOL.

      I find it hard to get a decent semi-healthy lunch around this area without resorting to spending wads of cash. So, I've resigned myself to my $10 lunches daily. Rare is the day I can spend less. So, 'wichcraft would be a nice alternative to giving Chez L my hard earned money - may as well spread it around. I've probably put the owner's son through college already.


    2. I have found the food to be OK and not much more than that. Plus they seem to run out of a lot of items, so it's a real crapshoot.



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        Running out could be a problem - I don't usually go to lunch until around 2ish. Well, maybe I'll wait until a nice day and take a walk over and check it out - but no $5 milkshake for me.


        1. re: sivyaleah

          I went recently after ice skating and had a goat cheese sandwich that was really fresh-tasting and good. Agree it's quite pricey - makes it seem more like a special occasion lunch than an everyday thing.

      2. Their sandwiches have always been pricey, but very tasty!

        They also make a great cinnamon bun for breakfast.

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          Jeffrey Zurofsky

          They deliver to a really wide range in midtown 7 days a week.

          1. Just want to bump this discussion to the top of the board. My office is at 47th and Broadway, and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth the walk for a 'Wichcraft sandwich. And what are the lines like during lunchtime?

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              The lines are not too long. The wait for hot sandwiches can be about 5-10 minutes, but the cold ones are usually ready to eat. I love the sicilian tuna. My mom (age 64) had one and declared it the best tuna sandwich she'd ever had.

              1. re: Blumie

                Right after I typd my post, I decided not to wait for responses and just give it a try. I walked over to Bryant Park and arrived five or ten minutes after noon. There were only about half a dozen people in front of me in line, but the line moved slowly nonetheless (I later learned that the order taker is also the order passer-outer, requiring him to jump back and forth between his dual roles).

                I ordered a slow-roast pork sandwich with red cabbage, jalapenos and mustard on a ciabatta roll for $8.50. I then walked to the other side of the booth and waited for the order-taker to become the order passer-outer. It took a good 10-15 minutes to get my sandwich, which is not all that bad, but by the time I left, at about 12:25, the line was considerably longer, suggesting to me that the wait -- both to order and to get one's sandwich -- would be considerably longer, too. So unless they were just short staffed today, I do not think I would come during the height of the lunch hour.

                The sandwich itself was very good, but it could have been better. While the meat was not dry, it was dryer than it should have been. Also, although the sandwich was on the list of warm sandwiches, it had not been heated sufficiently: the meat itself clearly had been refrigerated and still was slightly cold. I also would have preferred more jalapenos, but that is a matter of personal preference. Other than the dryness and the temperature, the pork was tasty, and the roll was very good.

                I'll almost certainly give this place another shot, but it was not the wow-what-a-sandwich experience that I had hoped for.

                1. re: Blumie

                  Nice write up.

                  I had a similar experience at their downtown branch about a year ago. Even on a quiet Saturday afternoon they were not as well organized as I would have expected and the order took about 10 minutes. I was also less than thrilled with the sandwich. Though some of the ingredients were above average I remember annoying little notes like meat that was drier than it should have been. It was a smallish sandwich that cost about $2 more than comparable places.

                  Maybe my experience was atypical - I was never motivated to give them a 2nd try. Your report makes me think I had them right the first time.

                  1. re: Blumie

                    Since that first response about 6 months ago, I've been back a few times and haven't seen the same shortage issues as before (a good thing), but the sandwiches still aren't quite as great as they ought to be, given the price and wait-time. Decent stuff, for sure, but worth waiting for? Maybe.



                    1. re: Nosher

                      I agree w/your take on the sandwiches. For me they're worth waiting for at the Bryant Park location ONLY if it's a nice day out and you want to spend your lunch break outside.

                      1. re: Nosher

                        Nosher... you've been to Bouchon Bakery right? How did they compare to those sandwiches? (Considering the similiarities in price, etc.)

                        1. re: zGustibus

                          Yes, we've been to Bouchon Bakery several times and, in general, like the BB sandwiches better than those at 'wichcraft. They're not orders of magnitude better, but they're at least a grade or two higher. That said, I'd rather sit and eat in Bryant Park than inside the Time-Warner Center.



                          1. re: zGustibus

                            i think 'wichcraft is much much better--their sandwiches haven't been soggifying in a display case all day (unlike BB), and have delicious and interesting flavor and textural contrasts. the tuna at 'wichcraft is amazing. and the cookies are great too.