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Amy Ruth's

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Anybody been to Amy Ruth's recently? Would you still recommend it?

I'm considering going for lunch tomorrow. Anything you could recommend?


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  1. They make the best waffles I've ever had and people have raved about their chicken and waffles. I've also enjoyed their BBQ ribs and salmon croquettes. Was not particular pleased with other fish dishes I've had (salmon, whiting).

    1. If you live in NYC and are here every day, check it out and enjoy. I like the Al Sharpton, fried wings and waffles. If you're only here a few days, its kind of out of the way and not really good enough to waste a meal on.

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      1. I live around the corner, and while my aversion to fried food keeps me out of the place, my father - who visited at Christmas - raved about the chicken for weeks. He said is was one of two best fried chicken meals he ever had. And his recollection of the other is suspect because it came at the end of a thirty mile hike on a very cold day.

        He has really got me thinking I may need to wander over and at least get some waffles.

        1. Yes, we went pretty recently and loved it. Get anything with waffles.


          Link: http://nycnosh.com

          1. go, enjoy. their fried chicken is great, remarkably ungreasy feeling, the batter could be more flavorful but it's good nonetheless. DON'T get the lemonade-- unless you really really really like sugar.

            1. I've been a few times and had the Al Sharpton (like other posters, I think it's ridiculously good) and also the Foxy Brown (cajun grilled shrimp). Their grits are fantastic, as well, and go particularly well with the grilled shrimp. The cornbread that comes with your meal is also delicious.

              Avoid the lemonade, but if you're feeling nostalgic order the Kool-Aid of the day - $1.00 for a HUGE glass full of the good stuff.

              If you go for lunch, you run a good chance of seeing some Harlem bigwigs - Al Sharpton's a regular.

              1. Hi all!

                Thanks for the advice. I went yesterday and ordered the AL Sharpton. I asked for the honey fried chicken. The waffles were delicious. Never had waffles like those......humongous, soft, and warm. Chicken was also crispy and tasty. I can't say I loved the honey all over it but I did like the fried chicken. Glad I went. It was also a nice, fun atmosphere for lunch.


                1. Just checked it out. Got the Al Sharpton. I'd have to sayit's betterthan Roscoe's in LA -- both the waffles and the fried chicken. the cornbread was mediocre tho. Open 24 hours on weekends, this place has my seal of approval!

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                    Better than Roscoe's?

                    Damn, it must be mighty fine.

                  2. I just got an invite to a Alumni Networking night where Carl Redding will be the guest speaker. I now have to make a trip uptown for what appears to be some very good chicken & waffles. Thanks for the rec.