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Dining alone

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Chowhound will be in NYC over the weekend sandwiched in between business. Any recommendations for a woman dining alone? Restaurants with seats at the bar? I'm looking for good food, where dining alone wouldn't be conspicuous.

Specifically looking for pre-theatre Saturday night. Open to all cuisines including bistro, sushi, italian, etc. Mid-range price-wise?

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  1. Try Aroma Kitchen and Winebar on east 4th st
    they have a very attentive staff that serves
    great innovative italian food, very good hard to find italian wines..don't miss out on the suffed calamari or the beets apt, also my favorite was the cod soup
    and the beef stracoto.Alexandra the host she is so gracious.Some day the bar is bustling with a cute and interesting crowd.Have fun and buon appetito.

    1. Does Artisanal serve food from the menu at the bar, or just cheese? (Not that I would object to just cheese!)

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        Hey Sam, I agree with Artisanal - It's a great option for dining alone at the bar. I've had steak frites one night and mussels another by myself at the bar or within the bar area.

        But a word of advice that the moderators will probably tell you - don't change or add to the Subject line of your posts.

      2. hearth: smallish bar area but still comfortable for parties of one. watching the food get prepared in front of you can add entertainment value and the chef is good about conversing with bar guests.

        Link: http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile...

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          Hearth is a good suggestion. However, you are confusing the bar with what is called "the pass." The pass is where you can watch the chefs at work. There are only 4 seats there, and you have to be lucky to snag one.

          Link: http://www.restauranthearth.com

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          You can dine at the bar at Babbo.

          1. Gramercy Tavern, Cafe Grey, Tribeca Grill, Union Square Cafe

            1. I am a single woman who goes to NY quite often solo. I had a great fish meal at Craftbar on Broadway (just south of Madison Square Park), on the left side of Broadway if you are walking south. Wonderful Chilean sea bass, two glasses of wine for about $30. You can eat at the bar and not feel self-conscious. Another place I really like when by myself is the Spring Street Natural in Soho. All organic food, wonderful specials of the day (usually fresh fish) and they also have a full bar. Best bread ever! It is on Spring just down the street from Balthazar.

              1. 7Square on 49th off of Broadway at the Time Hotel. I have eaten at the bar pre-theatre and had a wonderful time! The bartender, will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. The food is really good, especially the steak tartare appetizer!

                1. I have to recommend the 4-seat bar at Esca, where I ate recently, in particular if you're looking for pre-theater seafood Italian, as it's in Midtown West. Service was wonderful, not rushed, and I was able to convince my bartender-server to pour me a half "quartino" of wine for half price (normally they sell wine by the quarter bottle, and it's a bit expensive, though good quality). Bar also has great parmesan and black sesame breadsticks to nosh on.

                  If you go early, the bar are the Modern is very nice. Later it fills up and it's awkward to be alone.

                  Sushi is a tried-and-true option for solo dining and in Midtown West; the chowhounds seem to love Shimizu. I've never been there but you can search for posts on it.