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Jan 16, 2006 03:05 PM

Best Soup in New York

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I've seen the Seinfeld inspired places that serve soup at 4.95 and 6.95.

Which place has the best orgasmic soups in New York? I was going to try Hale and Hearty Soups in Chelsea Market last week but was drawn away by the Italian market section for a pannini and a gelato to finish.

And by the way, are the Seinfeld inspired soup places THAT good? Are the soups unbelievable or is it just rather ordinary? Thanks!

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  1. 4.95 and 6.95???????

    surely you jest. And it inspirered Seinfeld ... not 'tother way around.

    1. The original Soup Kitchen Int'l on 55th btwn 8th and Broadway was the basis for the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld. The soups were around $11-14 for a medium soup and were well worth the money. These new "Soup Man" franchises are a disgrace and the soup tastes nothing like the soup that used to be sold at SKI.

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        I've had H&H and thought it was a poor immitation of the original Soup Kitchen Int-l. I miss that place!

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          I soooo regret not having taken the time out to try the original Soup Kitchen International. I would drive by the store at nights while hanging out with friends in Manhattan and he would tell me about the lines. Just never took the time out. I wonder what Al's doing now...

            1. re: small h

              I don't think Al has too much to do with Original Soup Man. I suspect that he licensed his name and image but has nothing to do with the soups.

        2. I certainly haven't tried every soup shop in NYC, but I recently had lunch with my brother and my husband at the Hale & Hearty across from Bryant Park and we each had a delicious cup of soup. DH had the 3-lentil chili, brother had mushroom barley, and I had the clam chowder. The New England-style chowder may well be the best I've ever had.
          However, if you're back in Chelsea Market, go to the Lobster Place and have their Lobster Bisque. They sell it hot by the bowl, but we bought the large frozen bag of it for our family to have as a first course for Christmas Eve dinner. It was VERY good!

          1. When i was at NYU, I alwasy loved the soup selection at Karen's on Astor. They have around 6-8 soups/chilis daily. Very very good. Their version of lentil soup is still the best out there.

            1. I really enjoy the selection and quality of the soups at Printon 56 (56th btw 5th & 6th). I seek my orgasms elsewhere, but I really do enjoy the soup here.