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Jan 13, 2006 12:18 PM

Rickshaw Dumpling Bar

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Anyone been??? Suggestions?

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  1. Some people rip on this place, but I really like the dumplings with noodles in soup!

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    1. re: Live-To-Eat

      yeah, I'm not sure why people don't like the food.

      My only complaints are the cost and the inability to order a selection of dumplings. You are stuck ordering 6 or 9 of the same dumpling.

      I've had the traditional pork both fried and steamed. I like them steamed.

      I've had the chicken and thai basil and like them either steamed or preference.

      I've had the szechuan chicken (its relatively new) and prefer it fried.

      I've also tried the chocolate ones. These are difficult to navigate and have a very thick shell. Worth trying once...but I haven't had it since.

      1. re: dkstar1

        The dumplings aren't bad, but they're not markedly better than the dumplings you can get in Chinatown in a serving of 5 for a dollar or two.

        I've gotten fried dumplings at Rickshaw that have a texture that suggests they were fried hours before and reheated when I ordered. At nearly a dollar per dumpling this shouldn't be.

        1. re: Scott V
          Pass the Bubbly!

          Um...the poster was asking about places to eat around the Flatiron district, NOT about Chinatown.

          1. re: Pass the Bubbly!

            That was a comparison, Bubbly. I'm not advocating anyone travel 20+ blocks at lunch for dumplings. But anyone who has eaten the inexpensive dumplings in Chinatown and reads that comment has an idea what these are like.

            1. re: Scott V

              Agreed. But Rickshaw is a great addition to the neighborhood, which until recently has been a little thin on good, inexepensive options. (Now we have Daneielle's Piadina, Rickshaw in addition to the amazing -- yet grungy -- Great Burritos)

              Personally, the only Rickshaw dumplings I like are the chicken and thai basil.

              1. re: xavier

                Maffei's pizza is surprisingly good too!

                1. re: Leaving NYC!

                  Is that the place on the corner of, like, 21st and 6th Ave.?? I so I went there on the recommendation of someone around here and found is just awful. I ordered 2 slices and threw one of them away.

                  1. re: xavier

                    I'm really not a fan of Maffei either. For slices I prefer Pizza 33, and for pies I like Rocco's and Waldy's. Tre Dici on 26th btw 6th and 7th also does a nice neopolitan style pizza, but I prefer a crisper crust.

            2. re: Pass the Bubbly!

              Actually I was asking specifically about Rickshaw Dumpling Bar....and I appreciate everyone's thoughts. Thanks!

              1. re: Pass the Bubbly!

                Bubbly, I would love to know how you managed to get "Flatiron District" out of the following:

                "Anyone been??? Suggestions?"

        2. shockingly quick service and tasy dumplings and noodles. You also, don't feel like taking a nap after lunch as the food is very fesh and light only complaint is it gets crowded at lunch

          1. c

            My suggestion is to go someplace else for dumplings.

            I'd never had flavorless duck until I tried the dumplings at Rickshaw. The first batch they gave us were cold as well.

            This was shortly after they opened but there are too many other options to bother with this place again.

            Flavorless duck! Who knew?

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            1. re: CornflakeGirl

              I actually LOVED their duck dumplings.

            2. What a coincidence, I just went to Rickshaw tonight for the first (& last) time & specifically went to this board to post comments about how awful they were. Had the veggie steamed - they were tasteless & incredibly gummy. The dipping sauce was not great tasting & also very incompatable with the dumpling filling - very herby (that's the best way I can describe it). Go anywhere else.

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              1. re: Mookie

                Funny, I just went to Rickshaw myself this afternoon. Tried the fried szechuan chicken dumplings for the first time. I thought they were actually pretty good. I also think the fried pork are pretty decent. Not a destination spot perhaps, and certainly not in the same league as Tasty Dumpling or Dumpling House. But I continue to think Rickshaw's a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

              2. I work a block away, and I eat here a LOT. I think it's very good, and I'm glad to have it in the neighborhood. The dumplings and salad are just enough for lunch (I can never finish the soup). I esp. like the shanghai chicken and the shrimp dumplings. I will admit that fried are better than steamed.