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Jan 11, 2006 09:28 AM

Lunch near the MoMa?

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I will be going to the MoMa this Saturday and was wondering if there was a nice place to have lunch nearby, I think the Modern may be a little too upscale as we will be going out for a nice dinner that night, but definitely looking for a nice relaxing place for lunch for 3 women. What is the other cafe like at the MoMa? Should we just do the Bar room at the Modern?

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  1. I've had both lunch and dinner at the Bar Room at the Modern and definitely recommend it. The menu configuration (small, medium and large plates) enables you to have a large, expensive meal or something lighter and cheaper.

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      Good to know. Do you know if the menu is the same for both lunch and dinner? The menu on menupages looks more geared towards dinner.

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        the cafe at aquavit (not the dining room) is another option. $20 prix fixe 3-course menu... that will satisfy, but lite enough not to spoil dinner. will be in keeping with the design-y mood of the MoMA. easy reservations on if you're all up for scandinavian food...

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          It's the same menu all day long.

      2. The cafe at MoMa is a cafeteria with shared communal tables where one orders at the counter. Food is ok, but the room is very loud. The Bar Room would be a good option. Or, search on -- go to Advanced Search, and select W 50's.

        These are all good and less upscale and less expensive than the Modern:

        La Bonne Soupe
        Maria Pia
        Mangia e Bevi
        Roberto Passon
        Chez Napolean

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          La bonne soupe: See their menu on
          For $15-18 you get a very good lunch

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          You could always do Terrace 5 in the MoMA where they offer table service. The food is a bit more upscale than Cafe 2.


          1. Take a short walk to Chikubu on 44th b/t 5th and Madison for unbelievably good traditional Japanese. Many options are a bargain.

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              Went there on Wednesday night, and it is no longer in business.

              Many locations and one close to MoMA. Breakfast for $5 or so, salads, pressate, etc. Busy place, good fresh food.

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                Another possibility is eating somewhere in Little Brazil (46th between 5th and 6th), a short walk from 53rd.