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Jan 10, 2006 07:56 PM

2nd Avenue Deli (did it close)

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I haven't been to New York in 6 months and I just read a posting that 2nd Avenue Deli closed (do I have to settle for mediocrity at Katz's next time I come)?

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  1. Yes, it's closed.

    No, you don't have to settle for Katz.

    Go to the Carnegie Deli.

    1. "Settle" for Katz's? Are you kidding? The East Houston stalwart runs rings around 2nd Avenue - and Carneige/Stage for that matter. I haven't eaten at 2nd Avenue since before my bar mitzvah (in 1984) and only order from Carneige/Stage when I'm stuck at work late and have a deli craving. IMHO - Katz's is the standard by which they are all measured; true it is sad to see 2nd Ave. go, but for historical reasons only.

      1. Sad to say Second Avenue Deli has closed. The only option is Katz's. Russ and Daughters now has matzoh ball soup (former Second Avenue Deli patrons kept asking). Russ and Daughters is to go only. We await the rumored re-open of Second Avenue Deli. I would never go to Carnegie/Stage Deli!

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          I don't eat meat anymore but I never liked Carnegie and I was never a fan of Katz's (except for the hot dogs). Have you tried Sarge's? It's excellent and there are lots of posts that will back me up!

          1. re: Nikki NYC

            Thanks for the suggestion. I don't eat red meat. So I'm on the prowl for nova, chicken liver, white fish salad. Russ and Daughters has it. Kossar's has the bialies. Have you been to the Ark (near Kossar's)? It might be another option. I haven't tried it yet.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              I've been to Kossar's - I LOVE bialys - but never heard of the Ark. What type of cuisine is prepared there?

              1. re: Nikki NYC

                I think it's actually Noah's Ark and it is a "new" deli (don't know if it's kosher). It's between Kossars and the Donut Plant. Will definitely check out Sarge's.

        2. They might re-open on 33rd st b/w 3rd & Lex. Rumor has it they bought the building and are remodeling.