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Jan 9, 2006 05:56 PM

New digs warrants new dining spots-24th and 2nd Ave

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Hi-I just moved and am looking for suggestions from my fellow Chowhounds for:
1-good quality takeout
2-moderate priced dining
3-higher end dining
4-best diner? Lyric? East Side? others?

I moved to 24th and 2nd Ave from 34th and Lex so some places will still serve well (Noodles on 28, 11 Madison, Tabla for example). I am looking for suggestions from 14th St to about 30th St.


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  1. A few to get you started....

    Molly's, on 3rd, b/t 22nd & 23rd. A convivial pub. Known for first rate burgers.

    Bao Noodles, on 2nd, b/t 22nd & 23rd. Well-prepared Vietnamese food. Takeout and Delivery. Cash only. (Far superior to Anh, which is on 3rd, near 26th St.)

    Bamiyan, on the corner of 3rd & 26th. Very good Afghani food. Takeout and Delivery. www.bamiyan.com

    Turkish Kitchen, on 3rd, b/t 27th & 28th. Consistently excellent food. Nice atmospherics. www.turkishkitchenny.com

    As far as I'm concerned, all the diners in the area suck.

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      the best diner in the neighborhood is joe jr.'s on 16th and 3rd. great diner-style burgers too. i'd pass on lyric, gramercy diner, and sunflower. all gross.

      right on 24th and 3rd is 'inoteca which is not too expensive and has great panini and awesome drinks in the bar. it gets crowded but usually the wait isn't too bad.

      for bagels, you have pick-a-bagel, ess-a-bagel (21st and 1st), and david's bagels (19th and 1st). i prefer david's.

      you have a short walk to all momofuku's and pizza-wise, you're either 3 blocks from totonno's or 12 blocks to motorino. motorino is amazing.

      323 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10010

      1. re: jon

        This thread is, of course, three years old.

        I would no longer recommend Bao Noodles as I feel it has gone downhill.

        I tried Totonno's once and found the pizza to be mediocre. Instead, I like the thin crust pizza at Posto, on the corner of 2nd Av. & 18th St. I have not been to Motorino yet.

        I agree with your 'inoteca recommendation. The food is excellent. Photos of a late supper we had in the dining room can be seen here:


        The Gramercy Diner closed. A health foods store is now in that location.

        310 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

        1544 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

        Bao Noodles
        391 2nd Ave Frnt 1, New York, NY 10010

    2. Posto on 18th and 2nd has good very thin-crust pizza. Klong, on St. Marks has great thai and will deliver to you for a $3 surcharge (well worth it because the rest of the Thai in the area is terrible). Chickpea on 14th and 3rd will also deliver falafel to you. Mizu on 20th between Park and Bway is solid for sushi if you're not into walking down to Koi on 2nd and 9th. Giorgio's of Gramercy is a solid mid-priced restaurant on 20th (I think) and Park -- they also deliver, but I've never tried this.

      The diners really are terrible around here. I avoid them.

      1. Since you lived on 34th, maybe you've been to Ali Baba. I was there recently for the first time and really enjoyed it. We subsequently ordered in from them and, while it was good, it was definitely better in the restaurant.

        As far as diners, we like Sunflower on 26th & 3rd or Coopertown Diner on 1st and 20th. The only things that we really ever order in from the diner are things like omelettes, burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and both of those places are fine. Unfortunately I don't really like the salads at either place (but maybe that's because I'm picky about lettuce and I don't like the lettuce that they use).

        1. best diner is big daddy's diner on park and 20th (where chango used to be)...we went over the weekend and were very happy. they serve tater tots...nuff said.

          other places of interest...
          mariella pizza (16th and 3rd)
          adriana pizza (20th and 3rd)
          ess-a-bagel (21st and 1st)
          pick a bagel 23rd and 3rd)
          duke's (19th between irving and park)
          asia express
          pacquito's (17th and 3rd) hole in the wall mexican

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          1. re: MK

            HUGE second to Adriana Pizza and Pick-A-Bagel.

            1. re: MK

              Second for big daddy's...though i'm bias cause they serve tator tots

            2. re: The Lyric. They used to suck big time, but I think they may have had some changes. Their greek salad, chicken souvlaki and burgers have been really great as of late. A definite improvement from what it used to be (in the 3 years I've lived in the nabe).