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Jan 4, 2006 02:44 PM

looking for best whitefish salad in the city - is it Murrays?

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had Murrays this past was truly perfect. Even better than Essa bagel in my opinion. agree, disagree, other suggestions?

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  1. I love Murray's too, but Russ and Daughter's is pretty great as well. I'll hit whichever place I'm closer to.

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    1. re: Lila

      I'm partial to Russ & Daughter's

      1. re: Lila

        they both use a whitefish/salmon mix..

      2. I like Murray's, but for whitefish salad, I tend towards Barney Greengrass and/or Katz's. Much better than Ess-A-Bagel though, I'll give you that.



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        1. re: Nosher

          Barney Greengrass gets my vote. But I'm just a visitor not a native NYer so I haven't had a chance to try it at Murray's or some of the other places. But what I had a Barney's was incredible.

        2. The best whitefish in the city is the whitefish at the smoked fish shop whose name I never remember. It's on 2nd Avenue between 78 and 77, on the west side of the avenue. The owner was a Zabar alum, Japanese, I believe.

          Second best is Murray's.

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          1. re: bystander99

            Place is called Sable's (1489 Second Ave.) They have a great variety of smoked fish and salads (they actually have this lobster salad that is wonderful). The owner used to run the smoked-fish dep't at Zabars. Enjoy...

          2. Agata & Valentina-79th and 1st-

            My favorite whitefish salad. It's unexpected to find it there but it is out of sight. (I have been to all these places--I had a New Year's Day brunch and bought everything from Russ & Daughters except for the whitefish salad). It is more fish than salad--actually, it's chunks of fish with a bit of salad. It really has to be tried to fully understand how great it is. I hope one of you makes the trip (often sold out but may make fresh just for you) and posts a review. I am having some tonite.

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            1. re: eve

              that is what I love about chowhound...

              we talk about food and then seek it out.

              can't make the trip tonight, but I will aim to this weekend.

              thanks eve and all else...

            2. Does anyone have an opinion on Daniel's Bagels on 3rd in Murray Hill? I am not very experienced with whitefish salad but love theirs and would like to know how it compares.

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              1. re: Dbird

                Daniel's has some of the best white fish salad in the city, probably second to Agata & Valentina.