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Jan 3, 2006 10:28 PM

Sapporo East

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The Sushi place on the corner of 10th and 1st(east side)- I think it is called Sapporo

.is not really mentioned to much. It's always packed and always has the freshest fish. Tonite I tried the Ramen with salt broth with seafood and chicken and veggies/ it was quite tasty. The Edamame is some of the best. Have had some tasty fish dishes and tasty sushi.
Tasty Turo- like butter
Anyone else been?

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  1. have eaten here at least a hundred times over the past several years.. i can enjoy the rolls but most of the sushi isn't amazing.. more about the ramen and cooked japanese food.. their bento boxes are an amazing deal, with an incredible amount of solidly good food.. great miso soup and one of the more unique salad dressings available.. i'd go back just for the lollipop chicken wings..

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    1. re: jesse

      do tell-
      what are the lollipop chicken wings?
      Are they available all the time?

      1. re: my3sons

        they come in the bento box.. they're chicken wings which have had the meat cut off the bone and pushed to one side, so that it looks like a lollipop.. they're not called this on the menu, they do appear on the appetizer section called something fried chicken.. they're similar to the chicken kara age, which is a great dish there, especially if you get it with the cabbage salad..

        i like their spicy tuna or scallop rolls, the tempura is pretty good, the fried/broiled eggplant dish to begin with, and some other stuff that's escaping me right now..

        try the bentos.. they've been increasing in price the past few years, but they're still under $20 and offer a large amount of well prepared food for a very reasonable price..

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      sing me a bar

      I have alternately loved and been less than enchanted with this place. I had a great meal there last week. Sometimes the sushi, while fresh, is not stellar. The tuna has been that pinkish type you find at lesser spots. Still, the cooked stuff looks amazing, like the deep fried chicken and ramen with tofu. I go here when I can't face the line at Tomoe.

      1. People eating sushi and ramen in the same meal? Tofu ramen? Chicken and seafood in the same soup? Tempura served too. Sounds like Bizzaro world. Do they really do any of this stuff good? The process of making or preparing sushi, ramen, and tempura are all practically revered as modest to near artistic craft. The menu at this place sounds like an airport Japanese restuarant. Do they have lots of red lanterns too? Is this really a place to take seriously? Not criticizing, just wondering...

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        1. re: Silverjay

          Sapporo East- They are not on menu pages and don't do delivery.

          It is nothing like you state. The Ramen is a good standby and is 8 versus 12-15 across the street at Momofuko. The turo is like butter.
          The tempura is tempura. Not outstanding but one of the better options on Japanese on that row of restaurants.
          Tasty. not a destination restaurant but fresh enough.

          1. re: erma jean

            Fair enough when you put it in that perspective.

            1. re: erma jean

              I thought they had one of the better Ten Don's in the city. But it was the dark tokyo style, not the lighter kyoto style.

            2. re: Silverjay

              Sapporo East is one of those something-for-everyone Japanese restaurants that's survived in that spot for quite a long time. 15 years ago, it was probably the only place around that served decent and fairly authentic Japanese food at bargain prices. Somewhere I can get a saba shioyaki teishoku for under $10. It was my go-to place back then. But since the Japanese invasion into the East Village of the last 7 years, there are better options. Here's an old post with some very specific info on Sapporo East and some of the better dishes there. But I have no idea if it's at all current, including the people mentioned in the post. I hope someone can corroborate. I also seem to remember another post highly praising the miso-katsu too.

              By the way, the lollipop chicken that another poster mentioned IS kara-age.


              1. re: Eric Eto
                sing me a bar

                So, what are your preferred options? Thanks...

            3. This place is an east village institution. Cmon man a Punk rock sushi spot how can you beat that. The sushi is fresh and delicious and the authentic hot dishes are always pulling in japanese clientele.

              1. This used to be my favorite sushi place, but keep in mind this was partly based on budget. Have not been much in the last 10 years. Sushi used to be good, perhaps pieces were too large, but I really dont' mind that. Used to have amazing yosenabe, but when I had it 3 years ago it was awful, sickly sweet. I would still go there for sure, aside from that yosenabe I never had a bad experience. And yeah, it's rock & roll sushi...punk rock? Used to be metal.

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