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Feb 13, 2003 11:46 AM

labor-inducing pizza?

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I have a vague recollection of a discussion of a Bay Area pizza place that has a "pregnancy special" that seems to have been helpful inducing women to go into labor.

A good friend of mine might need to go there soon. :-)This ring any bells?

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  1. Where do they put the label that says "This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration?"

    1. I've heard the same thing about the chicken pot pie at the Liberty Cafe in San Francisco. As I am expecting a kid in less than 5 weeks, I plan to try it myself if needed.

      Re your pizza recollection, I'd heard of this too, and did a quick web search and came up with the following:

      "At Skipolini's Pizza in Clayton, California, pregnant women have been ordering the Prego Pizza for about 12 years when they are close to delivering. The 13-topping pie was concocted in 1979 or 1980 at the
      request of a pregnant woman who was two weeks past due. She gave birth that night and told a pregnant girlfriend to go and ask for the same pie if she went past her due date. Sure enough, the girlfriend delivered that night."

      No idea if this is the story you've heard, but there's something. I have no idea where Clayton, CA is.

      URL this quotation is from:


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      1. re: Jill D

        That was the place I was thinking of. Thanks!

        I had no idea the chicken pot pie at Liberty was also rumored to be helpful. That's a lot closer. woo hoo!

        1. re: Jill D

          I had the chicken pot pie and the banana cream pie yesterday at Liberty...still no baby! Maybe I need lunch in Lourdes!

          1. re: Jill D

            Preg-o pizza?

            If this is a marketing ploy, I'd say it's ill-advised. I, for one, would shun a pizza that could induce labor. But then, maybe there's a sizeable market for such a product in east Contra Costa County.

            1. re: Gary Soup

              " I,for one, would shun a pizza that could induce labor"

              Why should it bother you!!!! >)

              1. re: celeryroot

                Well, I'd still worry about what it was up to when it got down there to the nether regions.

          2. Maybe a pizza parlor with very slow service?

            I brought the fabulous brownies from the Good Life Grocery (on 20th on Potrero Hill, the main store is oddly enough on Cortland near the Liberty Cafe) to a pregnant friend's house for dinner, and she went into labor within hours.

            I think they're only available on Wednesdays, kept in a box by the register. Suggestion is very powerful.

            1. t

              I'm pretty sure the whole labor-inducing pizza thing is an urban myth -- although God knows when you're past your due date you'll try anything.

              My wife and I were a week overdue when we heard the great pizza myth. We started out at Giorgio's on Clement. We'd also been told that a glass of wine helps, and that you should order the spiciest dish possible, so we ordered wine with a really spicy meat-lovers.

              Of course, we hadn't imagined the looks of horror when a woman in full-term labor orders a glass of wine... My wife ordered another just for kicks... (I drank it.)

              That didn't work and the rumor mill told us Zachary's was the place to go out in the East Bay... so we high-tailed it out there. Great pizza. No baby.

              So then we were told "that it's someplace out in Contra Costa County." We decided not to follow up on that one... I mean if it did work we'd be hours away from the hospital.

              So after eating all the spicy food we could find (which as you probably know, has some pretty awful side effects) we finally settled on staying in, ordering Thai to go, and watching that really bad Night Shamalyan (sp?) movie, Signs. For whatever reason, that seemed to do the trick.

              Best of luck,

              The Burrito Boy

              1. When a good friend was overdue, she recruited us on a Skipolini's run. The pizza was an everything but the kitchen sink pizza and Olivia still didn't come as a result of eating it. Pizza was OK and not worth the schlep from the city (if that's where you are) IMO. And since it didn't work, my friend would probably say the same.

                I'd recommend Pauline's instead. At least you'll be getting good pizza then.