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Dec 26, 2005 10:57 AM

La Revista

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My family's making me eat at a restaurant called "La Revista", in the theater district. I've never heard of it, and can't find anything about it online. I have no doubt it's appalling, but if you know the place they're talking about, 1. how dead am I? and 2. can you recommend anything survivable there?

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  1. Can't tell how dead you are, but here's the menu page.

    The people on the Menu pages seemed to like it, but who knows who they are, so hopefully some hounds will comment.

    Search on the address, there's more stuff out there. The citysearch guy wasn't thrilled. According to him buy wine and dress.

    It was the challenge of the search. Wasn't sure if you meant you couldn't find anything online or you couldn't find anything credible. As is often said, enjoy the company, sometimes the food is irrelevant. Hope the food is good too though.


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      Ah, correct spelling helps the searching, if not my culinary enjoyment. Thanks!

      I've never understood the "enjoy the company, the food is irrelevant" line of thinking. Why on earth can't one have both? There are like 10,000 restaurants in Manhattan; why drop money for mediocrity? It's insane!

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Sometimes, like at a business meeting, there's nothing else you can do or when your family lovingly takes you to the dreck restaurant of the year.

        All you can do is find the best of the worst. It seems they have daily specials which a few people recommended. There's even a brief NY Times mention. They said something about the goat cheese ravioli.

        There are not very good pictures of most dishes on the website to give you an idea. They look like those 50's cookbook pictures. Sorry to have a chuckle at what might be your pain, but the fettucine with ragu had me giggling.


        1. re: anon

          Let us pray for Jim . . .

          1. re: Marty L.

            Actually there were more positive mentions than negative. Although I corrected the restaurant name in the subject so it might attract Chowhound posters familiar with the place.

            If anyone can find the good dishes it is Jim.

            Here's a link to another mini review. There's free parking next door too. That has to be golden in Manhattan. It starts upbeat too "This Italian restaurant gets high marks for food and service"



        2. re: Jim Leff

          Please be sure to report back!

          1. re: Jim Leff

            OK, Jim, given what you do and the empire you've built, they don't let YOU pick the restaurant??

            1. re: xavier

              Empire? Bwahahahaha!

              Listen, if I was the Pope, they'd still tell me to shut up if I suggested a prayer.

              Good news. I had my cousin Adam The Rock Star intercede, and we've changed venue to McHale's. Thank God. On the other hand, they're all peeved that they're not getting the (confessedly swell) parking deal at La Rivista ($15 for five hrs with validation).


        3. my bf and i went with his parents last thursday to see chitty chitty.

          it's typical restaurant row. not hideous--typical italian. my bf had filet mignon with a mushroom sauce that was actually quite good.

          they do have a good grappa selection, if you're into that.

          if i gotta eat on restaurant row, i usually suggest becco. i really think lidia's pastas are perfect example of classics[not the price fix menu...]. and it's cheaper than her others.

          and whatever you do: DO NOT GO TO CHITTY.

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          1. re: bryanj

            "DO NOT GO TO CHITTY"

            Don't worry, I'm just gonna be EATING chitty.

          2. I thought I remember some kind of vow about never settling for anything less than total deliciousness...

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            1. re: Fida

              There are times when family considerations trump everything.

              1. re: Fida

                Blood is thicker than ardor.