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Dec 25, 2005 06:54 PM

Mini Review : Doughnut Plant coconut cream doughnut

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I've been frequenting Doughnut Plant on a very regular basis over the past year or so without ever really liking their doughnuts very much. I love doughnuts, I love fresh ingredients and I love freshly made foods - all of which Doughnut Plant has without, in my opinion, making particularly outstanding doughnuts.

Well, I'm happy to report that my commitment (I guess addiction would be a better word) to Doughnut Plant has finally paid off as I have come across a doughnut that is truly worthy of my weekly trek down to Essex & Grand.

I'm not crazy about coconut anything, so despite trying all their other doughnuts, I've always steered clear of the Plant's Coconut Cream doughnuts. Then, this past weekend, while on line at the Plant, I heard the owner recommending the Coconut Cream doughnuts to a customer, saying that they actually crack open their very own fresh coconuts when making these doughnuts.

After hearing that, I figured I owed it to the guy to at least try one of the CC's (after all, cracking open coconuts and scooping out the meat is a real labor-intensive pain-in-the-ass). The CC doughnut was AMAZING! I had devoured it by the time I made it to the corner and had I been just a bit more shameless, I would have headed back for seconds.

The CC doughnuts are square, coated with coconut shavings and filled with a coconut cream. The cream, which has the consistency and flavor of sweetened condensed milk oozes out when you bite into the corners and it keeps the entire doughnut nicely moist. Oh, if they were only open on Mondays I'd walk down there right now and camp out overnight in front of the store just to be first in line tomorrow morning for another coconut cream doughnut. Give it a try. You will not be dissapointed.

BTW, Doughnut Plant is now serving cake style doughnuts, which, in my opinion, are as bad as the coconut cream is good.

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand St, New York, NY 10002

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  1. I have never tried coconut cream and I have never made the trip so here goes. Thanks for the encouragement.

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    1. re: eve

      If you're interested in trying other flavors while down there, I would say that the jelly runs a distant second to the coconut cream and that the marzipan is also pretty good.

      The pomegranate doesn't really taste much like pomegranate, the vanilla is nothing special and the chocolate, though it looks absolutely AMAZING, is a perennial disappointment. I would also encourage you to avoid the cake doughnuts (available in cinnamon-sugar, orange and chocolate, which taste like flavorless sponges.

      They do rotate the flavors, but unfortunately not often (I think it's basically a seasonal rotation) and these are the flavors that they've been serving for the past month or so.

      1. re: Tim

        I agree with the coconut cream doughnut being exceptional. I was not expecting the oozing creme when I first bit into it, but then I was pleasantly surprised with how the texture of the doughnut was less doughy and more like a creme puff almost. My subsequent bites were taken thinking how nice it doesn't get overly sweet as it builds up.

        I think I happened to have tried their cake doughnuts just a couple of days after they started offering them. I liked the orange. Have also tried the double chocolate. It does have a firmer texture than most cake doughnuts, and may seem too chewy at first, but I like it because it has real substance, and doesn't taste like it's made of sugar with a little bit of flour added in.

        I don't always like the regular doughnut(the chocolate one, for example), though. Sometimes it seems that the oil they use gets a little too heavy, or the dough is just a bit too thick.

        I will love it if they made them smaller and airier.

        1. re: Tim

          everyone has a right to their opinion, but after I read the NYT I went back to the Doughnut Plant for the first time in a long while to see what all the fuss about cake doughnuts was about. i think they are worthy of the praise! maybe it's a Proust/madeleine thing for me, since I had totally forgotten how much I loved the powdered sugar ones that came in those little bags that folded over, with the metal clasps ... I LOVED those when I was growing up. And these cake doughnuts reminded me of that. BUT, these are so, so good. The orange is very subtle; the cinnamon more classic. Not sponge-like at all. Just tasty little morsels. I might actually like them more than the original donut they make there.

      2. I do have to agree. On a recent trip to NYC, I tried the coconut cream by chance and since have gone back for that donut each time I am in town. People rave about their Tres Leches Doughnuts, but I find them only OK. The CC, however, is exceptional.

        1. Recently went for the first time, and with the exception of the Creme Brulee option (which was fantastic and really addictive), we thought the jelly was overglazed and just okay (I know I'm in the minority here) and the orange glazed donuts were disgusting.

          Still would go back to try other flavors and the CB doughnut. Wish I could get that delivered to NJ minus the 30 min line and close quarters

          1. These boards are not good for someone who is trying to give up both wheat and sugar.

            I love donuts and I love coconut so can't imagine anything better than a coconut cream donut. Can't wait to go back to New York and try it.

            1. I also liked the CC doughnuts. I had them at Joe's - The Art of Coffee on Columbus near 85th St. so you might not have to trek downtown for them.

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              1. re: rteplow

                They have the Doughnut Plant coconut creams at Dean & Deluca on 56th betw 6th & 7th. So Yummmmmy!

                Dean & DeLuca
                156 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019