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Dec 23, 2005 10:58 AM

blind tiger ale house reopening???

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the crytic rumor that will raise the hopes of craft beer fans is that there is "a 90% chance" that the blind tiger will reopen "in a space five minutes walk from the old one." hmm we'll see, this is all they would tell me. otherwise, the closing night blowout is next tuesday dec 27th!


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  1. this is news to me... who told you?

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      i'll just say it was someone who would know for sure.

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        none of the bartenders have mentioned anything.

    2. i actually just called there having walked by today and reading the (sad) sign. the girl said that they have a lease but it's not finalized yet, but if it goes through, it wouldnt be open for another 6 months. so keep your fingers crossed!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. There's been a sign on the window of that space for months saying blind tiger was coming. Eater has a long piece on this today. They're having trouble getting a liquor license in the new space.

          1. i thought i posted this yesterday, but guess i didn't! :) from their website:
            Updated 07.12.06

            The Blind Tiger’s brand new kitchen is finally
            finished, and our chef, the infamous Louise Leonard
            (of the French Culinary Institute), will soon be
            testing our new equipment, including the largest,
            heaviest, and most intimidating panini machine on
            earth. We’ll start with a lunch and dinner menu of salads and pressed
            sandwiches, as well as a cheese plate from Murray’s,
            all with suggested beer pairings. As things progress,
            we’ll flesh out the menu further.

            If you ever wondered what Louise looks like at 8 a.m.,
            you can soon find out as we’ll be open for breakfast
            every morning, serving bagels, muffins and pastries.
            Since our closure last December, we’ve also become
            coffee geeks. We now know the difference between
            Single Origin and Single Estate coffees, between
            buying fair trade beans in Costa Rica and Sumatra - in
            the former you need a good map, in the latter you need
            a map and a platoon of soldiers. Our micro-coffees
            will be brewed to SCAA Golden Cup standards on a Fetco
            Extractor (the government bought a couple of these for
            Guantanamo Bay, not realizing they were designed for
            extracting the volatile oils and ephemeral nuances of
            a coffee bean, and didn’t work as well on people).
            We’ll also be vacuum brewing an ever-changing array of
            offerings from some of the best boutique roasters in
            the country, including Vermont Artisan Coffee and Tea.
            Speaking of teas, we’ll have an excellent selection of
            them as well.

            Construction on the rest of our new space is
            progressing well. Our wood has finally arrived after
            spending the weekend in Pennsylvania. For some reason
            we bought parts of a 19th century Ohio farmhouse and
            barn, which we’ve been dismantling and shipping east.
            This has proved to be more of an ordeal than we
            thought, though now that we finally have the beams and
            floor, I have to say they look pretty cool -
            especially in contrast to the cityscape on Bleecker
            Street. We still have some work ahead of us installing
            the windows and French doors, as well as the bar top
            and draught system, and various other odds and ends.
            If all goes well, we’re hoping for a mid-August
            opening. We’ll keep you informed...

            P.S. Don’t let the beautiful bathrooms and reclaimed
            wood fool you - we’re still a neighborhood place with
            neighborhood prices. And with food as tasty as our
            micro-beers, you’ll never have a reason to leave.