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Dec 11, 2005 03:36 PM

Best Birthday Brunch in the city?

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a friend is taking me out for brunch next weekend for my bday. the place is my choice, so where can we get the best brunch in nyc? anywhere in manhattan is fine. thanks!

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  1. Carlyle
    Fives at the Peninsula

    1. Opinions as to what constitutes the "best brunch" can vary, so you need to give us some specifics as to what would please *you*. Breakfast or lunch-type menu? Totally table service or buffet? Casual or dressy? Also, will this be on Saturday or Sunday? And, since your friend is paying, any budgetary constraints?

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      1. re: RGR

        not sure if it will be saturday or sunday. i prefer breakfast menu, table service, casual (but could be trendy), prefer not to wait on line so a place that takes reservations, something not crazy expensive. thanks!

        1. re: gifter girl

          Try Nice Matin on Amsterdam and (I think) 80th.

          1. re: gifter girl

            Supper on 2nd St. - same people as Frank on 2nd Ave. (as well as Lil' Frankie's on 1st Ave.), but done even better. Great food, pancakes as well as pasta, Sat. and Sun., great staff, terrific atmosphere, and almost never too crowded because no one thinks that a place named "Supper" could do a good brunch.

            No, wait... on second thought, they're horrible. Please don't go there.

            1. re: gifter girl

              Barca 18 looks like it has a great brunch.

              I just booked Country for brunch on New Year's Day.