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Dec 8, 2005 09:23 PM

Indian Taj on Bleecker? (I can't imagine it's any good)

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Anyone been to this cheap place on Bleecker between La Guardia and 6th?? I can't imagine it's any good but it's virtually 2 blocks from my place and it would be a wonderful miracle if it at all turned out to be decent.

In particular, I love buffet lunches at Indian places. Is this one at all acceptable?

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  1. d
    david sprague

    it's a spinoff of a restaurant in jackson heights that i've always liked. if it operates at even, say, 60% of that level, i think you'll be happy. the queens location also has a buffet, and the vegetarian dishes are excellent. sometimes the chicken -- on the buffet -- is a bit underdone, which can be disquieting, but that's not a regular problem. they also change the trays fairly often, removing stuff that's been sitting around, rather than just pouring new batches over old, as many places tend to do...

    1. The buffet is FUNTASTIC!

      1. I can only attest to the lunch buffet which is mediocre. They use too much cream and possibly not the best oil, as the few times I've eaten there I encountered some severe bloating. The vegetarian dishes are severely under-spiced.