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Dec 5, 2005 06:13 PM

anyone try Kion Dining Lounge on East 6th?

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Just curious as to other people's thoughts to this place. I believe it is where Industry used to be.

Kion Dining Lounge
509 E 6th St, New York 10009
Btwn Ave A & B

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  1. i just went there last night... granted, i went for dinner and not for drinks, so my review is skewed towards the dining experience...

    walking in, the decor was a bit garish and trendy -- they have some natural wood and stone accents, and then a neon lighted ramp, and neon background lighting in the dining area. the music is some ambient techno stuff which then devolved into ambient bob marley covers.

    service was pretty good. appetizer, i had a tuna belly tartar with avocado puree on top. something on it was kinda too acidic. and my boyfriend (a vegetarian) got a grilled vegatable salad, which was a heaping pile of fresh salad greens with that japanese-restaurant carrot dressing; and a little side of grilled veggies. the grilled veggies were good. the salad greens were fine, just a little out of place.

    entrees - i got lomo saltado, which i've had in peru and at Limon in SF. this was pretty good cuts of meat, and a hefty portion. overall, a pretty good dish, but once in a while i'd take a bit of some hot chili pepper or something and my mouth would be on fire. plus, i'm no expert on lomo saltado, but i thought the french fries were supposed to be stir-fried into the meat. plus, there weren't enough red peppers. the good thing, though, was the juicy meat, cooked really well...not overcooked at all.

    my b-friend had the grilled tofu, which was two big hunks of grilled tofu, which was nothing special, bland, no seasoning, with a small side of rice, and that same salad greens again.

    we spent 80 bucks overall (food, 1 glass of wine, tax and tips). overall, it was an OK restaurant, but i'd rather spend that money somewhere better.