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Dec 2, 2005 12:36 PM

LCB Brasserie Rachou

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Okay... I want the word on what the "new" LCB is like. My father used to love LCB before it was closed and redone, so we were contemplating going there with some friends for my birthday dinner. I've been reading some really mixed reviews about it though. Thoughts or other recommendations? I am interesting in a similar type of food... kind of in the french bistro range of things (but am open to other suggestions), and a similar price range for approximately 5-7 people.

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  1. We had dinner at LCB Brasserie earlier this year, and I thought the food was excellent -- actually, much better than the one meal we had at La Cote Basque several years ago. The gorgeous murals are gone, but the new decor is quite attractive. Service was polished, though a bit too reserved for my taste. While I don't want to be fawned over, the only person who exhibited some warmth and cracked a smile was the very pleasant young lady who took our dessert orders. However, overall, it was a good experience, and I'd recommend it.

    1. Any current reviews of this place? How are the food and service - past reports noted a varaibility on both accounts. I'm interested in this place for an anniversary dinner - is there anything romantic about the new room?

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        I haven't been back since I posted previously (so many restaurants; so little time); therefore, I can't say personally if the food has held up. As far as the ambiance goes, ideas of what constitutes romantic can differ considerably. If by that you mean lots of flowers and frou-frou or cozy and charming, neither describes the current LCB. The decor is handsome but definitely says "brasserie."

      2. My one complaint is that the place just looks too bright. Maybe it's the lighting? The food and service were fine.

        If you want the French classics, it's good. I just did not find it "romantic" or relaxing in any way.

        1. The food and service are still fantasic. I've had a cassoulet, a choucroute and most recently the foie gras stuffed pig's trotters. The escargots are perfect and the souffles are still amazing. And you don't need reservations or a tie!

          1. I recently ate there with a group and everyone was impressed by their entrees. From fish to meat dishes, everything tasted delicious. I ordered the tuna and would go back and order the same exact dish.

            I know someone that recently ate there to celebrate the anniversary of her parents, and the restaurant went out of their way to make it a special evening for them.