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Nov 23, 2005 08:20 AM

Small Private Party Room

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Looking for a nice restaurant with a small private room (for about 14 people) for a holiday dinner.

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  1. "March" Restaurant. Click on link for info.


    1. Keens has several private rooms all of which have wonderful ambiance. The Lily Langtry would be a perfect fit for your party.


      1. Palma
        check out their farm house....great space.

        1. I need to find a restaurant in Manhattan for a 20-25 people party, but I would like a separate room any suggestions?

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            It would be helpful to have some specifics, i.e., cuisine preferences, casual vs. fancy, and budget.

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              Le Bernardin has a private room, perfect for your size group

            2. Budget about 4,000, cuisine preferences is a difficult topic because of the guests but I guess I would have to play safe and say Italian, American, maybe Greek but certainly nothing Asian, I would not want it to be too casual because it is actually a wedding dinner, so a little fancy would be nice.

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                I think the back room at Lupa is lovely, and you can't complain about the food. It is also an appropriate size for your party and I think the size will work. I helped a friend plan a party there for clients, and it was great.

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                  $4000 for 20-25 is a fairly substantial budget ($160-$200pp).

                  Eleven Madison Park would be a wonderful place for a wedding celebration. Chef Humm's cuisine is sensational, and the space is beautiful. I've never seen the private rooms, which are upstairs, but I've heard they're also beautiful.


                  I've never been to Barbetta, but they've been in their townhouse location for 100 years, so they must be doing something right. My brother and his wife had an anniversary dinner there not long ago and said the food was very good. From the photos on their website, the private rooms look gorgeous.


                  If you want to go the American route, Keens has excellent food and unmatchable old New York ambiance, which is carried through in their private rooms. You can see photos on their website.