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Nov 15, 2005 04:50 PM

Korean Champong/Jampong men

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Went to Kum Ryong @ 32nd for lunch but noticed this dish was different from the last time I visited several months ago. (This is #10 on their menu, "spicy seafood noodle".)

Noodles were the smaller ramen- instead of the udon-sized variety... although my memory could be faulty here, I do remember their Jampong having thicker noodles. Broth was better, spicier but richer in flavor. More squid but no clam.

The improvement in the broth didn't offset my disappointment at the noodles, which were too soggy.

Any other recommendations for good Jampong in the city?

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  1. best jjamppong in the city is in flushing. place called Pocha on northern blvd and 149st. it's a korean soju bar but they serve a mean jjamppong...

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    1. re: halo

      Is there good jjampong to be found in Manhattan? How about cha jang mien? (and if I can digress from Korean-Chinese noodles: I am longing for eun dae goo jorim).

      1. re: Dbird

        awesome eundaegoo-jjorim at woo lae oak in soho. i kid you not. have not had a better one anywhere in the city... everything else is foofoo but their cod is excellent!!!

        as for jjamppong in the city i think the best you can do in manhattan is hyo dong gak on 35th st. jjajangmyun at keum ryong on 32st.

        1. re: halo

          Thanks for noodle recommendations but I am very skeptical about Woo Lae Oak for anything. If that is the best NY has to offer I may wait until my next trip to LA. I do understand that I cannot expect the same here as there. Sadly, I am accustomed to outstanding jjangpong and cha jang myun for 5 or 6 dollars, delivered-- my regular fast food. That is a treat, and as it should be, but I am not ready to trek and pay in a city where Frank Bruni presented again today a Korean restaurant that charges for kimchee. No thanks.

          1. re: Dbird

            bruni's a joke. he knows NOTHING about asian food. and the restaurant d'or ahn sucks ass. food that you can't GIVE AWAY in korea...

            as for eun-dae-goo jjorim at woo lae oak. i know. i would never have guessed ANYTHING there to be half way decent but that particular dish and the jap-chae are surprisingly very very good. i've tried it everywhere else and nowhere does it better. if you don't mind another fish kang-suh makes a pretty good ggo-ddeung-uh jjorim which is makarel...

      2. re: halo

        I've been to another Korean restaurant in that immediate area that had eat all you can BBQ that you cook yourself. Last I was there was a few years ago but if I'm not mistaken, $15/person, and had parking in a small back alley perpendicular to the street.

        Could you help me remember the name of the place?