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Nov 13, 2005 09:46 PM

Forlini's at 93 Baxter

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Has anyone been to Forlini's recently? I'm looking for a reasonably priced good Italian place for a large group. Would this work?

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    I hear it is excellent.
    I had drinks at some random bar upstate ny and the forlin's parents were there. I couldn't find it on menu pages....
    but don't think i need it cause i'm heading to dinner with them some day, i hope.

    They same it's the same Forlini's from the late 70's/early 80's

    anyone know?

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      I have been eating lunch at Forlini's for twenty years, and always enjoy my meal. I eat there often because it is right by my office and has better food then any of the Little Italy Mulberry Street places. Itis not a destination place so it may not be what you are looking for. It is strictly an old fashion southern italian red sauce joint. It has dark wood panneling, paint by numbers art work and high back red pleather booths complete with metal tags dedicated to the regulars. At lunch it is one of the "courthouse cafeterias" packed with regulars. They do all the old standby dishes, veal, chicken and eggplant in all the usual sauces such as marsala, parm and francese. As much as I like the place, it is not special and you can do much better in nearby soho or tibeca. It is a great alternative to the horrible places nearby, but not much more.

      1. I love Forlini's--went there today. I also thought it was Southern Italian (based on the red-sauce emphasis), but I asked the guy there and he said they are from Northern Italy.

        The lasagna and forlini's salad was EXCELLENT.

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          They have a little known "bar menu" for take out only. The parm sandwiches are huge and tasty, and reasonably priced. They do not deliver but if you work or live nearby you should check it out.They make the best hot italian hero sandwich in the area. If you look at the window of the bar you will see a copy of that menu, or just go in and ask Joe or Derek about it.

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