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Nov 9, 2005 03:53 AM


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I'm thinking of taking a friend to Devi for his birthday...he loves Indian food & tasting menus. I've never been to Devi...Chowhounders, can you give me your feedback on Devi & their tasting menu? TIA

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    Let Down at Devi

    As it happens, I went last night for my birthday. I don't say I'd never go back, but I'm in no hurry to, and wouldn't make a point of urging friends to go.

    Be careful where you are seated. Tables near the door get a lot of draft, which will be trouble on a cool night.

    As to the tasting menu: the portions are quite small, though in fairness, by the end of the meal I'd had enough food. I suspect the staff is instructed to turn the tables every 2 hours. Our first several courses arrived very quickly, one after the other. We had to ask them to slow it down, which they did for a while. The check arrived uninvited. We had a 7 PM reservation, and were out at 9. There was no crowd waiting for tables.

    The food was quite good, though not really memorable. I had considered getting the wine selections with the tasting menu--but after closely examining the wine list, I decided it wasn't exciting enough to justify the added cost.

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      "Let Down at Devi", you really ought to post this under your normal handle - chowhound only allows for one, and it would give your input more credibility though it might not be as much fun.

      I wonder, what Indian restaurants do you prefer to Devi foodwise?

    2. I'm a huge fan of Devi. I think the Indian cuisine served there is some of the most delicious to be found anywhere.

      There are two tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian, and they are composed from dishes served on the a la carte menu. Thus, while I've not done either of the current tasting menus, I've had many of the dishes on both. All are superb! I don't drink, but my husband has done wine pairings with a past tasting menu, and he was very pleased with the selections.

      The restaurant is on two levels, with the upstairs being more cozy than the main level, and the exotic decor is very attractive.

      Devi is definitely a worthy place to celebrate an occasion with someone who loves Indian cuisine.


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        Devi is a yes. You have to try the tasting menu either meat or vegetarian. (the wine pairings will run the price up a bit and after the fourth course you are kinda hammered)so I would stick to a mixed drink in the beginning and water through the meal so that you get the full experience. It is an indian restaurant for people who are afraid of indian food as I was when I first went there.

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          hmm, i've been curious about Devi for a while, but literally every Indian meal i've had in a restaurant in NY has been bad (disappointing at best, vile at worst)...and that's the gamut from Chola to Tabla to the 6th St. worry at Devi is that the spices will be dumbed down into bland fusion (a la Tabla), but if tis not the case, i'd like to try it...thoughts?

          1. re: Simon

            I've not been to Tabla though I have eaten a few times at Bread Bar. First off, the cuisine at Devi is not at all that kind of fusion. Many of the menu items are based on recipes from Co-Executive Chef Suvir Saran's family and friends in India.

            Dishes are hardly bland. In fact, one of the things I like about Devi is that there is great complexity, as well as for me, a comfortable level of spiciness. If you prefer a very high level of spicy "heat" in your dishes, you should advise the kitchen, and I'm sure they'll accommodate you.

            If you don't want to shell out for the relatively upscale prices at dinner, I suggest you go for lunch, which is served Mon.-Sat. It's a 3-course prix-fixe for $24.07, a real bargain, and all the choices are taken directly from the dinner menu.

      2. It's hard to find Indian restaurants that don't just repeat a well-worn formula. Devi is one of the few that breaks the mold. I had a wonderful meal there earlier this year. I don't recall the details, but I would highly recommend it.

        1. I really like Devi a lot -- I think it's very pretty, and the quality of the food is very high. But whenever I go to Devi, we order the Manchurian cauliflower and the lambchops and something else. The something else is invariably nowhere near as good as the other two dishes, and I feel slightly let down. But that cauliflower and lambchops? Delicious.

          The one time I had the tasting menu (shared one veggie and one meat with my S.O.), I felt rather the same way, and felt seriously full by the end of the meal. I also thought by the end, the courses got a bit monotonous.

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          1. re: chick-fil-a

            I completely agree. Beautiful space, excellent food, yet I always end up getting the Manchurian cauliflower and the lamb chops. I guess every restaurant has their "bests" and I don't mean to disparage Devi at all by posting this. I highly recommend the restaurant and everything else I've had has been fine, but these are, in my opinion, their two truly memorable dishes.

          2. Thanks everyone for your input...I appreciate it.