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Nov 8, 2005 06:55 AM

AMA - Italian Restaurant Recommendations

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Has anyone been? Opinions? I need a good Italian restaurant that should also be at least somewhat hip. Doesn't have to be the cheapest, but shouldn't break the bank either. Booked AMA on MacDougal on a lark. Anyone been? Other reccomendations? THANKS!!!

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  1. Ama is acceptable, but not anything special. To the extent it excels at anything, the fish entrees are the way to go.

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      First visit to Ama – I was in the area and wanted an early supper. It was almost deserted at 6.30 on a rainy evening, and I was warmly welcomed into an attractive room. I asked for scallops as an appetizer – they were a special that evening, and also available as an entrée – and they were very tasty. Then the animelle, sweetbreads, on a bed of spinach, which were sublime. A bottle of Gutturnio accompanied everything. This wine is a barbera / bonarda blend, medium bodied, bright flavor and easy drinking. We will be taking friends there to discover this treat of a restaurant.

    2. I haven't been to AMA, but I have a few I'm fans of:

      Semi famous: Po on Jones St. It has a $55 6 course tasting menu to boot. It's more fusion style, than straight Italian.

      Piccolo Angolo: Great food, I personally liked it better than Rao's. If you can get a reservation and want straight Italian this is my suggestion. Tight quarters, but it's in the village.

      Da Andrea: Another place that does straight Italian, I always have a good meal here.

      Finally if you're way up on the upper east, there's a place called Luca that I enjoyed. I haven't eaten there in roughly 2 yrs, but enjoyed it when I did.

      1. We liked it very much. Very friendly welcome, attentive service, and great food. We had grilled octopus salad—which they nicely split for us— quail with favas and leeks, and cornish hens with roasted peppers and outstanding pan-roasted potatoes. They were crowded— full, in fact— on a late Friday (we reserved), and it seemed a good mix of neighborhood, plain fancy, and out-o-town. The next table was a party of Italians (who took 15 minutes to order). Good enough for me.