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fish / pearl / mary's

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Need to take an out-of-towner to a great seafood place in the WV. Wanted to do pearl or mary's , but didn't want the hassle of having to wait. Has anyone tried FISH (bleeker and jones st)? Foodwise good? Ambience?


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  1. Does it have to be the West Village? I brought Midwestern friends to the Mermaid Inn recently and we had a great experience. Cozy, pleasant ambiance.

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      Preferably, yes, unless people object highly to Fish. Mermaid inn accepts reservations?

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        Yes, Mermaid Inn takes reservations, even on Open Table. I don't know anything about Fish but perhaps someone else will chime in.

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            though I agree with Aquagrill esp. if you want oysters - though I prefer Mermaid's entree meals to Aquagrill's, which I find fussy.

    2. Excellent fish to be had just two blocks south of Houston at Aquagrill (corner of 6th Avenue and Spring Street). There is not a better fish restaurant downtown and, additionally, it has a better selection of oysters than even the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

      1. I've been to all three... my #1 being Mary's, although it is a hassle they don't take reservations. They do take your cell number so you can go have a drink somewhere and they'll call you when they have a table for you. Fish has always been good to me, I know other 'hounds have remarked on the service but I've found it and the food to be quite consistent. Nothing mind-blowing, but good solid raw bar and some tasty crabcakes (sans red peppers, phew!). And they do take reservations, which is a plus.

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          I found their 50 cent piece sized crab cakes to be pretty mediocre!

        2. FISH on Bleeker is a vile place...i (and many others) have posted about the obnoxious service and assorted bad experiences (served rotten oysters, etc)...it's a restaurant i'd never return to...

          i liked Mermaid Inn the two times i've been, although i wouldn't say it's a destination restaurant...

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            Agreed, Fish could barely pass for a bait shop let alone a restaurant....make a reservation at Aquagrill or go to Pearl at an off time and the wait will be minimal...

          2. my vote is for pearl or aquagrill. i much preferred pearl to mary's (mary's lobster roll had too much mayo for my taste).

            1. Fish is very casual and not for poeple looking for an "event" type of dinner. Go there to relax at the bar with a cold PBR and some reasonably prioced seafood (hard to match the prices). Don't go if you need ever seafood meal to be "impecible" and "fine dining", because it certainly isn't nor does it claim to be.

              Sidenote: Have never had a bad oyester there nor has anyone I know... and we're big fans of the $8 1/2
              dozen + PBR draft deal (meaning we've eaten pleanty).

              . and have never had any issue with the service.

              1. Yeah, I eat the PBR special at Fish pretty regularly (ordering a few rounds) and no one I know has ever gotten sick. As a matter of fact, they're some of the nicest oysters around. You don't get a selection (they are Blue Points), but for an inexpensive snack, and a chill atmosphere I love to start there then head elsewhere.