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Nov 7, 2005 12:48 AM

fish / pearl / mary's

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Need to take an out-of-towner to a great seafood place in the WV. Wanted to do pearl or mary's , but didn't want the hassle of having to wait. Has anyone tried FISH (bleeker and jones st)? Foodwise good? Ambience?


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  1. Does it have to be the West Village? I brought Midwestern friends to the Mermaid Inn recently and we had a great experience. Cozy, pleasant ambiance.

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    1. re: eeee

      Preferably, yes, unless people object highly to Fish. Mermaid inn accepts reservations?

      1. re: mttp

        Yes, Mermaid Inn takes reservations, even on Open Table. I don't know anything about Fish but perhaps someone else will chime in.

          1. re: mttp

            though I agree with Aquagrill esp. if you want oysters - though I prefer Mermaid's entree meals to Aquagrill's, which I find fussy.

    2. Excellent fish to be had just two blocks south of Houston at Aquagrill (corner of 6th Avenue and Spring Street). There is not a better fish restaurant downtown and, additionally, it has a better selection of oysters than even the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

      1. I've been to all three... my #1 being Mary's, although it is a hassle they don't take reservations. They do take your cell number so you can go have a drink somewhere and they'll call you when they have a table for you. Fish has always been good to me, I know other 'hounds have remarked on the service but I've found it and the food to be quite consistent. Nothing mind-blowing, but good solid raw bar and some tasty crabcakes (sans red peppers, phew!). And they do take reservations, which is a plus.

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        1. re: jimilady

          I found their 50 cent piece sized crab cakes to be pretty mediocre!

        2. FISH on Bleeker is a vile place...i (and many others) have posted about the obnoxious service and assorted bad experiences (served rotten oysters, etc)'s a restaurant i'd never return to...

          i liked Mermaid Inn the two times i've been, although i wouldn't say it's a destination restaurant...

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          1. re: Simon

            Agreed, Fish could barely pass for a bait shop let alone a restaurant....make a reservation at Aquagrill or go to Pearl at an off time and the wait will be minimal...

          2. my vote is for pearl or aquagrill. i much preferred pearl to mary's (mary's lobster roll had too much mayo for my taste).