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Jan 26, 2003 12:25 PM

Sushi in Berkeley near 4th Street?

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My boss and I make it a rule that all our meetings take place over sushi. For our next "power sushi" meeting, she wants to go to a place she went to in Berkeley, she says it's on or near 4th Street, but doesn't remember anything else. Can anyone help? Thank you!

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    Nathan Landau

    There's a good Japanese restaurant called Genki at 1610 San Pablo (corner of Cedar) in Berkeley. It's adjacent to the Golden Bear motel, and would be less than a 5 minute drive from the 4th St. commercial area. It could be that place.

    1. Possibly O Chame, which specializes in cooked Japanese food but does offer some sashimi. On Fourth, in the middle of everything.