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Oct 21, 2005 03:28 PM

Peasant in the Village?

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Has anyone been to this place? How is it? We're looking to organize an NYU dinner after a lecture and this was recommended to us. We would like an Italian place, not too noisy. Does this work?


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  1. Peasant is excellent. But it's in Nolita, not the village. Elizabeth, between Spring and Prince.

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    1. re: Nathan

      Thanks for the correction! I'm fairly new to NY and still trying to figure out the neighborhoods in this part of town!

      Any specific recommendations at Peasant?

      1. re: dp

        Roasted pig, the pizzas, the sardines...stay away from the pastas and the octopus.

        1. re: dp

          Their steak is outstanding.

      2. went to Peasant last night. Food is good as it is most times however I must say that the service there is getting quite tired. It seems as if they are really lamenting the menu translation thing.

        1. Frankie is quite correct. The menu translation thing was a gimmick that was fun for a while. They should give it up now, because the waitstaff are fed up with it. And it shows.

          Doesn't effect the food, which is excellent. And the space is very cool.

          - Sean

          1. peasant is one of my favorite places. it's delicious and the atmosphere is very nice with a brick oven in the bank and concrete floors, and it all feels very open and airy. the food is great; i've never had anything disappointing. i agree with the whole recitation/translation of the menu thing. the last time i was there, our waiter read it so incredibly fast with a very jaded look on his face.

            1. I was just there and though tit was good. Here is my review