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Oct 17, 2005 06:58 PM

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

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I made reservations there for my girlfriend's Birthday. I have never been there before, so I have no idea on the quality of the food. Any thoughts? Did I make a good or bad decision? Thanks!

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  1. ctrl+f on this board; you will get lots and lots of old posts, which make for an interesting read, and have solidly convinced me never to go there...

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    1. re: freddie

      went for mine and my mom's bday last year. it happened to be restaurant week. i have to say, the room is stunning. we sat upstairs and it was gorgeous but downstairs looked beautiful as well. the food was ok (for $30.12 or whatever it was) you can't really complain. service was good except the only bad thing, and this is pretty bad, was that we ordered a nice cabernet to go with the meal and when it arrived it was freezing cold. we asked them to decant it and they had a huge problem with that and wouldnt take it back after they had opened it. oh well.

    2. I went a couple of years ago. The atmosphere is very cozy and romantic. Disappointly, at the time, I found the food to be mediocre and overpriced. Perhaps it has improved since then, so maybe someone who's gone more recently can weigh in.

      1. If your going just for the food, go somewhere else. If your going for a special evening that your girlfriend will remember, it's a great place. Just be careful, it's one of the top spots in the City to get engaged, and all the girls in town know it. If you take here there she might get the wrong idea when you walk in...

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        1. re: RICKO

          Thanks to everyone for their input. I will go and give a review of the food.

        2. food bad. decor romantic but crowd is B&T, mid-western tourists in sequins or just plain old. Sort of corny place for 2005.

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          1. re: cendant


            I have reservations for a Monday, I will assume that we will avoid the "B&T crowd". And the "plain old crowd" is a good thing, it will ensure a quiet time for the both of us. Food is subjective, as long as it is decent, I don't mind. I'm not expecting David Rockwell decor, corny can be cute.

            1. re: Tommy T

              it will still be B&T on a Monday -- just like Tavern on the Green would be.

              and considering the prices are at a 3-4 star to one star food hardly seems worth it...but if you insist on going, post back on what you think.

              1. re: Nathan


                My girlfriend hinted on going there. It's her birthday, not my first choice. I'm going to make the best of it.

                1. re: Tommy T

                  Hey - you asked for advice. No need to defend your choice. Esp. since you've never been there. Everyone seems to be responding the same:

                  "Any thoughts? Did I make a good or bad decision?"

                  A bad one in most posters opinion. Report back.

            2. re: cendant

              DITTO, THE FOOD WAS REALLY BAD...............

            3. My input would be to skip One if by Land and go next door to ANNISA. Food is wonderful, at least 10x better and decor is minimalistic yet romantic.

              How about a drink at One if by Land and dinner at Annisa? Tell her you did some research and found the food is horrible there but you wanted to take her for a glass of champagne or something?

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              1. re: Raymond

                I really agree - One if by Land is romantic in a pretty standard, almost (but, to give them credit, not quite) cheesy way. Annisa is wonderful - excellent food, great service, nice little bar - I would suggest the reverse - Dinner at Annisa, suggested drink at OFBL afterwards ...

                For me, being surrounded by other couples who are also "going to a romantic place" is decidedly not romantic. It's as if you are in a romance factory of sorts.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  I 100% agree, great idea to go after dinner @ Annisa.
                  I think your best point is the idea of a romantic dinner surrounded by 25 couples having a "romantic" dinner..... in the end isn't very romantic at all. I hope the poster takes the advice and has a wonderful time.