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I love Leffe beer but have a lot of trouble finding it here in the city. I know about Markt, Vol De Not and Hop Devil Grill- does anyone know where else I can go to get some? I would love to try the other Leffe's besides the Blonde and Brun.

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  1. Nice Matin.......Leffe is a great beer

    1. Les Halles serves it on draft.

      1. I forget the name of this place but it's on 43rd street between broadway and 6th ave...it's a few stores down from heartland brewery.
        you can find other rare finds like kwak which is one of my favorite belgian beers.

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          BXL - and they make pretty decent fries, too.

        2. Thanks to all! I will be in Belgium bliss for a while now!

          1. The pomme frites place on 4th st near 6th used to have it on tap. I agree, it's great. I live upstate now & can get it at the supermarket.

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              That's Vol de Nuit (which the OP misspelled).

            2. Petite Abeille and Spitzer's corner also have it on tap. Swift had Leffe Blonde on tap last time I was there. Leffe Brun is probably one of my favorite beers- enjoy!!!

              1. A place called The Hideaway in Tribeca has blonde on tap/ Montparnasse in midtown east has brown on tap. I'd be surprised if you couldn't get it at blind tiger, at least in bottles.

                It's not that hard to find. Almost any place that has a good selection of begian beers (hint, belgian restaurants, for instance) would probably have Leffe.

                1. Noho Star at the corner of Lafayette and Bleecker has draft leffe. It's one of my favorite beers, too.