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Oct 16, 2005 05:31 PM


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I love Leffe beer but have a lot of trouble finding it here in the city. I know about Markt, Vol De Not and Hop Devil Grill- does anyone know where else I can go to get some? I would love to try the other Leffe's besides the Blonde and Brun.

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  1. Nice Matin.......Leffe is a great beer

    1. Les Halles serves it on draft.

      1. I forget the name of this place but it's on 43rd street between broadway and 6th's a few stores down from heartland brewery.
        you can find other rare finds like kwak which is one of my favorite belgian beers.

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        1. re: macaroon

          BXL - and they make pretty decent fries, too.

        2. Thanks to all! I will be in Belgium bliss for a while now!

          1. The pomme frites place on 4th st near 6th used to have it on tap. I agree, it's great. I live upstate now & can get it at the supermarket.

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            1. re: passycafe

              That's Vol de Nuit (which the OP misspelled).