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Oct 14, 2005 05:57 PM

Little Pie, Big let down

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Has anyone else noticed a decline in service and quality at the Little Pie Co. on west 43rd? I usually love it there, but lately I've experienced really apathetic and unfriendly service, and I got a little pie today that was flavorless and seemed a couple days old. Aren't pies a part of the whole baked-good family where freshness is one of the most key factors in quality?

Another bone I had to pick with them: I asked to get my little pie warmed up, and they told me that they can't warm up whole pies because the tins can't go in the microwave. microwave?? I was taken aback, and asked if they didn't have an oven they could put it in, and they said no, they only use a microwave. I understand that this is for time purposes, but on a slow day that's cold and rainy, if I'm paying six bucks for a little dessert, is it too much to ask that they put it back in the oven it came from for a few minutes?

Any other frequent visitors who've had similar experiences?

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  1. I'm with you, atwood - Little Pie has been a letdown for me too. I find their much heralded apple pies too sweet and the counter help has been very blasé whenever I've been there. It's silly that they couldn't warm up your pie as there's nothing better than a warm fruit pie. I wonder if the majority of their day-to-day sales is to restaurants and maybe that's why they don't stress customer service.

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      i've enjoyed my Little Pies much better when i go to the shop on 14th street, in the meatpacking. It's an old soda-shop style dessert snack place with the most delicious smells, and friendly service. I think being in the train station takes Little Pie down a few notches.

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        Little Pie Co. isn't in the train station, it's on 43rd between 9th and 10th. I'll have to try the place on 14th! Where exactly is it?

        1. re: atwood

          It's on the north side 14th St between 9th and 10th. The aroma will lead you there.

    2. Little Pie Shop ...43rd Street.....getting worse by the minute. Yes, they are big on micro-waving pie....which is a huge no-no for anything with a pastry crust (as any baker knows)...and they now are charging $7.50 for the little 5 inch pies, which are all crust with no filling. Really disgraceful. Heck, it's just pie...flour, crisco, minimal fruit. They should be ashamed of robbing people blind! I've been loyal customer for as long as they've been in the neighborhood . No longer....I will stop being lazy, buy my snacks elsewhere and return to making my own pies; and advise all my friends that I have sent there over the years to do the same! Next Thanksgiving I plan to stand in front of the shop and hand out my pecan pie and pumpkin pie recipes to all those baking impaired people!

      1. I really used to like them too, but i agree, downhill. I still like their cherry (my fav), but everything else i'm rather ambivelent about.

        1. Hey from W. 43rd Street, NYC. I live on the block and I was one of the first customers to The Little Pie Shop when in opened, how many years ago....20? 25??? For years they did a great job, but as time has gone by I've seen a significant loss of quality in their pies. Their prices are out of control ($7.50 now for a 5 inch pumpkin pie)....and, quite honestly, they are just not worth the money. My suggestion: learn how to make a great pie crust and make your own....I'm so tempted around Thanksgiving to xerox my recipes and go down to the line in front of the pie shop and pass them out!!! If I have time this year I just might do it!!!! Much better pie in NYC Blue Smoke has decent pie...go there and order for Thanskgiving if you can't make your own!!!!