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Sep 30, 2005 04:22 PM

Chicken Over rice at 53rd & 6th Ave

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Hi I am collage student in Manhattan from Japan.
I ate delicious Chicken over rice vendor right next to Hilton hotel. I was wondering what is the origin of this food. (which country this food is from?)
Could anybody tell me?
Please Please answer me.

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  1. Most of the street vendors in Manhattan who serve Chicken over rice are from the South Asian subcontinent or Middle-East - The servings you probably had is a confluence of Indian/Lebanese/Egyptian spicing with some form of Basmati rice.

    Hope this helps

    1. Haha my friends (we're all college students) RAVE about the chicken over rice from that corner. Apparently, at night, the people switch and it's super good, especially after a night out. I was surprised no one posted about it here before.

      1. its unbelievable that at 2-3-4 am in the morning.. in the rain there is a long line of mostly south asians waiting for 1/2 hour to get this chicken and rice.. i have to say that once in a while i am one of them... it must be the spice that they use in the chicken .. and the basmati is a orange color.. also flavored.. and they give white and hot sauce... definitely ask for both .. the hot sauce has become sooooo spicy recently.. so take it easy with that.. its worth $5
        ...i have seen this corner cart seriously become a whole family operation with their own team of people and efficiently telling people to keep moving and they even have their own yellow plastic bags with their name on it ... they have made a lot of money and they continue to rock our world

        1. The one on 53rd and 6th you're referring to is one of the most famous Halal street carts in Manhattan. They even sell T-shirts from the last time I was there. There was an incredible line even at 9PM on a week night, which I've never seen before. And like your experience, my food was absolutely DELICIOUS.

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            check this out... i was just there last night and there were 100 people or so on the line.. we had to catch a train back home in time so sadly we had to get off the line.. but really its crazy b/c it was around 1 am... they even have a webiste now..

          2. it's actually traditional afghan food. it really does have a cult like following, and is great.