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Sep 26, 2005 02:33 PM

UES Foodie needs suggestions for some good eats

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After several years of living downtown, being spoiled by all the village has to offer, I find myself AT A LOSS for good food in my neighborhood on the Upper East Side. I love my neighborhood but am tired of the ordinary food my local restaurants are plagued by. I was lucky enough to find a few good ethnic places and a few local spots like Spigolo & Etats Unis, but would like to add a few more to the repertoire. WHO'S HOLDING OUT ON ME???

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  1. While the decor is nothing to rave about, Tsuki (75th and 1st) has delicious sushi at very decent prices - though based on the restaurants you've listed, I'm guessing that price might not be an issue(?)

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      I like Tsuki as well, and also Ichi Ro, on Second Ave. btwn 87th & 88th. I think it is a bit cheaper than Tsuki. And for great sushi, there is Sushi of Gari on E. 78th. Also try the Brazilian on E. 92nd Street - Zebu Grill, or something like that. Tried Sala Thai (Third Ave?) the other night and it was quite good.

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        Recently tried Iron Sushi on 78th St. and First Avenue. Especially liked the combination sushi/sashimi platter and found as a newcomer, they are trying harder than the other Japanese neighborhood restaurants. They give away fresh fruit for dessert and, if memory serves well, some edamame as an appetizer.

    2. I have also liked Brasserie Julien in the past - though a recent report was negative.

      1. Have you tried Sushi Hana or Beyoglu??? Zocalo's?

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          Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone! I'm definitely going to check out Pio Pio, which I had heard before was excellent, and Zuccerho e Pomodori. Do not like Sushi Hana at all, but thanks for the suggestions!

        2. Dined at AMBER over the weekend. Mixed Asian menu. Corner of 80th and Third. Beautiful decor, great service, loved the sushi. Boyfriend had the curry boullabaise (sp.??). Will definitely return.

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            I thought Amber was okay but overpriced - only tried sushi/sashimi dishes. Coolish ambiance, fun drinks. I found the service over attentive, if there is such a thing - felt there was a lot of hovering. Maybe this is b/c we ate very early and there were not a lot of other customers.

          2. Can’t leave out the Peruvian chicken at Pio Pio and the burger at Rathbones :)

            I definitely agree with Beyoglu and Zebu Grill.

            Zucchero e Pomodori is probably the most underrated Italian on the UES...along with Paola’s.

            Saigon Grill has great Vietnamese.

            Chef Ho’s for Chinese.


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            1. re: Hank

              Definite yes on Pio Pio, Paola's (especially the grilled calimari appetizer and pork tenderloin, when they have them) and Saigon Grill. However, for Mediterranean I think Sultan is way better than Beyoglu. Also, Tamarind (94th & 3rd) has pretty good Indian.

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                good call on the saigon grill and beyoglu-- but definitely would have to disagree w/ Zucchero e Pomodori. The times i've been there the pastas have been way overcooked and doused in sauces/oil. it's not horrible, but very...mediocre, and i'm particular about my italian food.