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Sep 22, 2005 01:00 PM


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A pretty solid burger place just opened on the corner of 43rd and 2nd called Goodburger. Not as good as the Shake Shack (or the White Manna in Hackensack), but much better than Corner Bistro and 90% of the other places in this neighborhood. They also have shakes, which I have not tried yet. The cheeseburger was really good and the fries were good enough.

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  1. I live around the corner & have been looking forward to it's opening. My husband had a burger & fries last night - didn't taste the burger but the fries were decent (thin cut mc'd style). (Husband said burger was very similiar to Shake Shack) I just was there at lunchtime today & there was a line practically out the door - perhaps a burger for dinner this eve!

    1. Been to Shake Shack and many of the other famous burgers in NYC. Goodburger is the best.

      1. Sorry to bump the post, but I had one yesterday with my husband - the shake, fries and burger where absolutely some of the best I've had. Even if someone thinks another burger in Manhattan is 'the best' I think it's worth a go. The fries were hot and tasty, the shake was perfect!, and the burger was so flavorful and juicy (even at my 'medium well' standards). We're going again this weekend and this time I'm taking friends (and splitting the fries - there were a LOT).

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          We'll said! Best burger secret in Manhattan. (O-rings are the weakest link in an otherwsie perfect place.)

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            i went to the goodburger on lexington ave & 54th street on sat 12/30. its owned by the same folks who own the 43rd st location. Had a very yummy bacon cheeseburger with cheese fries and my friend had a delicious grilled its price range its easily the best burger in east midtown,no doubt about it.

            my only wish is that they would consider waiter-waitress service in the off-hours- the only downside was having to go to the counter and pick up the order-in a cardboard box.its also very popular with the young parent and stroller crowd so expect a wait to get a table on the weekends.