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Peanut Butter & Co.

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Anyone tried this place? I haven't yet, but I am so curious, I can't wait until I have a chance. I'll give my review when I do. But if anyone has been there, which of their peanut butters is the best? Do any of the novelty sandwhiches really work?

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  1. I have gone there ever since it opened, and enjoyed it. The peanut butter itself is decent, but the real draw is being able to go to a restaurant devoted exclusively to the condiment (although they have since expanded the menu to include other staples of elementary school lunchrooms, like grilled cheese and tuna fish). I usually take my friends there for dessert.

    Without a doubt, my favorite dish is the Death by Peanut Butter: three scoops of ice cream on a bed of peanut butter Cap'n Crunch, topped with peanut butter, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, Reese's Pieces, and peanut butter sauce.

    Link: http://www.peanutbutterco.com

    Image: http://www.peanutbutterco.com/img/hom...

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      It's astounding that these guys have stayed in business as long as they have, but damn, the concept works. I go infrequently, but do love the place. I play it straight, PB and bannana.

    2. I've been there about 4-5 times. It's fun place to take friends from out of town and while it is rather expensive ($6-7) for peanut butter sandwiches the novelty of the shop makes it well worthwhile. My two favorites are the Elvis (a grilled pb&j sandwich with bananas, honey and bacon) and the dark chocolate with raspberry jam and coconut flakes. It's more of a dessert, but hell, what ever satisfies you, right?

      The service is alright, if not a bit rude and slow. I have not tried their desserts but they do sound deliciously indulgent! Let us know if you decide to go!

      1. I've only been there once.. I really liked the Elvis as well. But with all the butter on the outside of the bread, plus peanut butter and bacon I would recommend sharing it with someone. It was a bit overwhelming to eat by myself!

        1. I too like the elvis (though i've only got it without bacon) and I really like the one with cinnamon raison PB (get a jar of that to go!), apples and cream cheese. The chicken one doesn't really work IMHO.

          Unfortunately they are not always consistent which is a shame since it is a lot to spend for pb (which, by the way, i think is much better than decent).

          1. Go. Have fun. I echo what everyone else has already posted. The whole place is all about novelty, and is fun.
            When I went it spawned my cravings for what is now one of my favorite sandwiches...yes the Elvis. (no bacon for me though) Now I make my own version at home when the craving hits....
            *Toasted* whole wheat/grain bread.
            Natural peanut butter (make sure it has some salt, or add a bit). Good quality honey. Slice the banana and microwave it just a bit so its nice and warm.
            Assembly and Yumm!!!! Now, *that* is a sandwich!
            Back to Peanut Butter and Co.....while I did not endulge, my friend raved about one of their milkshakes.

            As a side note...if you like Peanut Butter and Co., then you might enjoy the link below to another company that makes all sorts of flavored peanut butters.

            Link: http://www.peanutbetter.com/783/html/...

            1. When I was in college at NYU, I treated myself to a totally frivilous dinner at PB&Co once a week. The nutella and pb sandwich is a favorite! I also like the sampler of peanutbutters -- the platter comes with all flavors and fun stuff to dip. I personally love sweet things, so I loved the dark choco peanut butter.

              1. you must go. It's a great place. Try the Dark Chocolate Dreams or the Elvis sandwich with crunchy peanut butter.

                Try it and let me know what you think.


                1. Well, I went and got the Elvis, no bacon, on wheat with the spicy peanut butter. The peanut butter was reasonably spicy, but the tast of peanut is kinda lost. I found the same problem with the dark chocolate version that I got for free with a coupon. It was a fine lunch, more of a novetly than something I would do a lot. However, their sundays look very intriquing. Maybe it is better used as a dessert place?

                  1. It's good for peanut butter and jelly but there's limits to how good that can be. One warning: the drinks are very expensive, and everything they serve dries your mouth out immediately.

                    1. Everyone here is saying they love the Elvis but hold the bacon. I'm curious to hear from someone who eats it with the bacon. I would be equally squeamish about it myself though I am an adventurous eater. Can anyone vouge for it? What's the appeal?

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                        The people who said they had the Elvis but without bacon didn't really have the Elvis! It is an awesome sandwich with the bacon as it should be eaten. Really decadent and delicious. Try it!

                        1. Close down!! Please, say it ain't so! I love this place! I don't go too often as it is a bit pricey. My faves are the Seinfeld (toasted H&H bagel with PB, honey and cinnamon), The Elvis (with bacon)-yeah I don't think the drugs are what did him in! Also "The Heat Is On" sandwich-spicy PB, pineapple jam and grilled chicken. Loved the combination of flavors. The Death by PB dessert is really good and so is the PB shake. Drink lots of water. They have a snall fountain you can use there.

                          1. Is this place still open? Do they have the curry peanut butter anymore?

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                              Yes, I recall passing by it not long ago. I see their peanut butter at my local grocery market too though. Surprised to see all the good reviews -- I was not impressed when I went years ago.