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Sep 20, 2005 10:37 PM

Peanut Butter & Co.

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Anyone tried this place? I haven't yet, but I am so curious, I can't wait until I have a chance. I'll give my review when I do. But if anyone has been there, which of their peanut butters is the best? Do any of the novelty sandwhiches really work?

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  1. I have gone there ever since it opened, and enjoyed it. The peanut butter itself is decent, but the real draw is being able to go to a restaurant devoted exclusively to the condiment (although they have since expanded the menu to include other staples of elementary school lunchrooms, like grilled cheese and tuna fish). I usually take my friends there for dessert.

    Without a doubt, my favorite dish is the Death by Peanut Butter: three scoops of ice cream on a bed of peanut butter Cap'n Crunch, topped with peanut butter, whipped cream, peanut butter chips, Reese's Pieces, and peanut butter sauce.



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      It's astounding that these guys have stayed in business as long as they have, but damn, the concept works. I go infrequently, but do love the place. I play it straight, PB and bannana.

    2. I've been there about 4-5 times. It's fun place to take friends from out of town and while it is rather expensive ($6-7) for peanut butter sandwiches the novelty of the shop makes it well worthwhile. My two favorites are the Elvis (a grilled pb&j sandwich with bananas, honey and bacon) and the dark chocolate with raspberry jam and coconut flakes. It's more of a dessert, but hell, what ever satisfies you, right?

      The service is alright, if not a bit rude and slow. I have not tried their desserts but they do sound deliciously indulgent! Let us know if you decide to go!

      1. I've only been there once.. I really liked the Elvis as well. But with all the butter on the outside of the bread, plus peanut butter and bacon I would recommend sharing it with someone. It was a bit overwhelming to eat by myself!

        1. I too like the elvis (though i've only got it without bacon) and I really like the one with cinnamon raison PB (get a jar of that to go!), apples and cream cheese. The chicken one doesn't really work IMHO.

          Unfortunately they are not always consistent which is a shame since it is a lot to spend for pb (which, by the way, i think is much better than decent).

          1. Go. Have fun. I echo what everyone else has already posted. The whole place is all about novelty, and is fun.
            When I went it spawned my cravings for what is now one of my favorite sandwiches...yes the Elvis. (no bacon for me though) Now I make my own version at home when the craving hits....
            *Toasted* whole wheat/grain bread.
            Natural peanut butter (make sure it has some salt, or add a bit). Good quality honey. Slice the banana and microwave it just a bit so its nice and warm.
            Assembly and Yumm!!!! Now, *that* is a sandwich!
            Back to Peanut Butter and Co.....while I did not endulge, my friend raved about one of their milkshakes.

            As a side note...if you like Peanut Butter and Co., then you might enjoy the link below to another company that makes all sorts of flavored peanut butters.