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Sep 7, 2005 03:37 PM

Asian grocery midtown

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Is there a decent Asian grocery in midtown Manhattan? That's where I work, and some days I don't have time to schlep to Chinatown.

Used to go to Sam Bok on W. 45th St., but that closed recently.

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  1. Try Koreatown -- 32nd St between B'way and 5th Ave
    There's a branch of Super H Mart, and a couple other groceries.

    1. yagura super market. its a japanese supermarket and fairly small, but it will get you your ramen n pocky fix. forgot the exact location but its in the early 40s near 5th avenue.

      it also sells pretty good and cheap cooked food as well. defintiely check it out.

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        Its on 41st between 5th and Madison.

      2. There's a good one in "Korea Town" on 32nd about halfway between 5th and 6th on the north side of the street.

        1. Just thought of another -- there's a Japanese grocery on the same block as the newish ImagineAsia movie place -- 59th St I think, just east of and rather close to Bloomingdale's.
          Grocery is on the opposite side of the street from the cinema, and further west on the block.

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          1. re: pitu

            Yeah.. I have walked by this place before.. IT's called Katagiri, I believe.

            Here is the website.


            Click on "About Katagiri" to go to page that describes store hours and information.

          2. Yagura, on 41st, south side just west of Madison, was pretty small, mostly a takeout place.

            Han An, at 25 W. 32nd, was much larger, at least as big as the late lamented Sam Bok.

            So thank you all.