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Sep 1, 2005 11:04 AM

yuca bar on ave a

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has anyone been to this restaurant? if so, how is the food? the space? i'm tasked w/ coming up w/ suggestions for a group dinner...relatively inexpensive...good food and i'm not sure how big the group is (at least 6 or so, possibly 10) and am wondering if yuca bar is on the small side. any advice? thanks in advance!

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  1. I really like the Yuca Bar. It is not huge by any means, but can accomodate a group of your size easily. I enjoy the food, as well as the drinks. They have tapas, along with entrees too I believe. Great calamari and croquettes. You should try it out! Fun atmosphere!

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      A bit off topic but they also have an awesome brunch...

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        thanks for the feedback...this sounds like exactly the kind of spot i need. i'll post next week about what i ate!

        thanks again.

    2. I was invited to Yuca Bar tonight, does anyone have food suggestions or more recent info?

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        Mouthwatering veggie burger... and great yuca fries, as can be expected. Mojitos were large and in charge too. Enjoy!!

      2. the food is good, nothing really excellent. but it's fun. good margaritas!

        here's what i've had and enjoyed:
        and the burger is actually really good!

        didn't have dessert. :(

        1. I'm from Miami, and was really surprised how good the Roasted Pork dish at Yuca bar was... and it's really fun atmosphere. Great place to go...

          1. I am a big fan (and echo the comments on brunch). I was actually pleasantly surprised by dinner there-- had the tuna wraps, empanadas, tropical salad (a bit too coconut-y for my taste) and another item I don't quite remember-- 4 small plates was good for 2 people for sure-- they are generous portions and are cut so you can share easily.

            Brunch is equally great, though I'd caution that service can be a little slow/inconsistent there both at brunch and dinner, and it's more crowded at brunch.