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Aug 24, 2005 04:52 PM

Best West Village delivery?

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hey everyone, what are your choices for the best delivery in the west village? it can be any type of food, i am new to the area and want to keep note of where i should order take-out from...

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  1. westville and mexicana mama are both great--both places too small to get into, but the delivery is just as good! mexicana mama is the best mexican in town (and being from texas i am very picky)...ej luncheonette on 6th is good for generic diner food too.

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    1. re: cookie

      Yes yes yes to Westville!! My best advice is to walk around and pick up delivery menus from places that look interesting in the neighborhood

      Also for your consideration (a lot of these are solid, not great places but get the job done.) :

      Pizza: Village Pizza on 8th avenue near 13th Street; I've started ordering from Deliziosco Pizza on 10th and Washington too

      Chinese: Hunan Pan has the best wontons and dumplings and is better all around food-wise, but Sung Chu Mei is friendly and has better egg rolls and noodle dishes

      Thai: Kobma thai

      Burgers/Diner food: EJ's is great, also consider Bus Stop Cafe

      Mexican: besides Mexicana Mama (also a great suggestion), you could try Benny's Burritos(not great but passable) and Good (sort of nouveau Mexican but quite good, though expensive for delivery).

      Other: Sometimes I like to order from Cowgirl Hall of Fame - corn dogs, Fritoo Pie, chicken fried steak. But it loses something without all the kitsch surrounding you.

      Happy eating.

      1. re: Jonathan Saw

        Pastis delivers to the Village and has great stuff.

        1. re: sybil

          Oh yeah. Although, Ifind that delivery from Pastis is a little soggy. Good food nevertheless.

    2. welcome! skip grungy KOMBA and get CHELSEA THAI delivery instead (they're in the chelsea market). skip blech BENNY'S and get KITCHEN burritos and etc from there instead. another good one is CARRY ON TEA&SYMPATHY for brit stuff. a final one that always seems to have lightening quick delivery is MOUSTACHE. yr outta luck for any good chinese, pizza or indian (my choices are too lame to even share). maybe LASSI delivers i dk its kind of new.

      1. My rotation in rank of overall delivery goodness:
        Indian: Surya
        American: Westville
        Sort of Korean: Do Hwa
        Italian: Otto
        Thai: Galanga
        Sushi: Aki
        Chinese: Baby Buddha

        1. 1) Da Andrea, Italian (good fish, too)

          2) Hunan Pan (decent chinese)

          3) Hudson Falafel. Basic, decent Lebanese

          4) Koo Sushi (on Houston-- i;m in south w. village)

          5) Bleeker Pizza (good thin-- pizza de la nona is great)

          6) Isle (Thai) or Wild Ginger (used to be OK)

          You can tell I don't cook...