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Aug 23, 2005 12:25 PM

Via Delle Zoccolette

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has anyone been recently? i liked it when it was le zoccole, but remember reading some initial bad reviews once management changed.

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    the spaghetti incident

    Don't go! The same people who used to manage and run Le Zoccole also run LE ZIE in Chelsea. Go to Le Zie instead.

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    1. re: the spaghetti incident

      Zoccolette and Via della Pace are the same owners.

      They share an owner of Boom, which is terrible.

      Are you sure about Le Zie?

      1. re: Chow, Baby.
        the spaghetti incident

        Le Zoccole (NOT via Zoccolette) HAD the same owner as Le Zie.

        The name was changed to via Zoccolette because of the NEW OWNER (owner of PACE).

        LE ZIE is the closest thing you'll get to the old Le Zoccole.

    2. I went to Via Delle Zoccolette a few weeks ago and dinner was pretty lackluster.

      1. A few years ago is was decent. I ate there 2 weeks ago and I have to say it was the worst meal I ever had in NYC! The pasta in my high school cafeteria was 10 time better.

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        1. re: sistermary

          That's a bummer. I used to love the fontina and black truffle pasta they made.

          1. re: jakew8

            It's a shame. It used to be good, so was Pace, but they turned the places over to be run by underage middle eastern's very strange and definitely not good.

        2. Also worth noting, the space is being shopped on the commercial real estate market, so owners are probably not putting much effort in at this point...