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Jan 12, 2003 01:33 AM

Ryowa @ Mountain View

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This place is a ramen shop but it has a few other things as well. I am not a big fan of ramen but I heard many good reviews so I give it a try. It's a bar style place. A menu was given which had almost everything minus the stuff they had on the wall which I missed. Right away we got a glass of tea which is nice. I was asked by the friendly waiter if I wanted ramen or rice. I missed the "rice" part and ordered mostly ramen. On the table, there was a tray filled with various condiments and a container of kimchis. Nice touch.

Four of us ordered various things:

Original ramen has noodles(egg?), sliced pork, hard boiled egg and a decent broth with some egg drop mix. It's just allright.

We also got the other kind which had some corn kernels. It's almost the same type as the previous one. It's ok.

The next dish is the fried chicken. It comes with shredded cole slaw, chicken and dressing which I mixed up. The chicken had a crispy skin and the whole thing was very tasty. I ordered a bowl of rice and goes nicely with the chicken.

Gyoza is a japanese version of potsticker. You suppose to dip it in the soy sauce and chili oil provided on the condiment tray. Again, it's quite good although I still have not found one as good as I had in Jakarta. It had a skin that is medium in thickness. The filling was a mix of pork(?) and some veg.

I noticed that the rice dish that I missed was called "cha-shu-don" or something like that. It supposed to have rice and various mix of meat and veg on top. A separate soup is also provided. It looked great.

Whole tab was $39 for four. Not dirt cheap but ok.

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  1. I tried Ryowa for the first time last fall with my brother. We really liked the fried chicken, and it's become one of his favorite take out dinners. Linked below is a long thread with more info on the chicken.


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      Yep, the fried chicken is very good indeed. And your description fits well with my experience. Should have read your thread before going there, but I was in a hurry. Next, Seto Deli when I got a chance to go to that area again.

    2. The ramen is great, but I love their chicken even more.

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        1. chashudon is chinese roasted pork (chashu) over rice and maybe with some pickled vegetables or something on the side. japanese chashu usually isn't cooked with five spice powder or hoisin sauce tho.