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Aug 19, 2005 10:05 PM

Top 10 Food Experiences in New York

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Just curious. Any thoughts?

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  1. Interesting. I'm a 'hound from Boston, but will be in NYC next week for business. Thought this might be an interesting thread, yet there is not one restaurant recommendation!

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    1. re: kate@50

      Easy there, Bostonian. Last I checked, Riley's Roast Beef and Brigham's were your two best restaurants.

      Here are some inexpensive options:
      1. Hot dog at Chelsea Papaya
      2. Ribs at RUB
      3. Mu Shoo Chicken at Our Place II
      4. Burger at Chumley's
      5. Black and White cookie in Grand Central at Hota dn Crusty
      6. Hot Premo Italian sasuage at YANKEE STADIUM, THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT.
      7. Pizza at Arturo's
      8. Thai food at Holy Basil
      9. Saigon Grill
      10. Taboon

      1. re: NativeNewYorker

        1. Lamb burger at Le Express
        2. Black Squid Ink Risotto at Bolo
        3. Tasting Menu at Bouley
        4. Stuffed Mussels and Grilled Prawns at Pintxos
        5. Buffet Lunch at Chola
        6. Any Gelato @ Otto
        7. Sweet Corn Chicken Soup at Shun Lee
        8. Lobster roll at Mary's Fish Camp
        9. Truffle Egg Toast at 'Inoteca
        10. Soup filled Dumplings at Grand Sichuan (24th and 9th)

        1. re: NativeNewYorker

          Native New Yorker, YOU RULE! Nice response to a lame question. After all, I swear I saw recommendations to Babbo, Barney Greengrass and Otto in there. I need to try those places!

          I won't list 10 since I haven't lived in the city for 15 years, nevertheless a few delights come to mind:

          1. New York Steak at Sparks
          2. Wine list at Sparks
          3. Beef tips at Veritas
          4. Chinese food after 4:00 a.m. at Wo Hop
          5. Cheese cart at Picholine

          Headed to Gramercy Tavern in a couple of days on a visit. Never been there, and man am I looking forward to it!

          1. re: NativeNewYorker

            Haven't been North in a while have you?

            1. re: kate@50

              Go there all the time. (And felt your post was a little harsh on NYC chowhounders...)

              The Boston area has fantastic boarding schools and universities. Spent 9 years going to them. But it is a culinary black hole. (New England Yankees are genrally just too cheap to pay up for fancy meals.)

              Here's an upgrade list for your next trip to NYC:

              OK In Boston ----> GREAT in NYC:

              Capital Grille ---> Sparks Steakhouse
              209 Boston ---> Mesa Grill
              Lucca ---> Babbo
              L'Osteria ---> Angelo's

              Have fun in NYC!

              1. re: NativeNewYorker

                I will give NYC its due when it comes to great food, but Boston is no slacker.



                the next time you come to the home of the World Series champions.

                My comment wasn't harsh, there were a variety of replies but not one restaurant listed which was the original question.

                Fun - no, business, but ate at Town last night. Would highly recommend.

          2. re: kate@50

            How much money you willing to spend? How far you willing to travel?

          3. How 'bout this?

            (not in order of importance)

            1. banh mi from Saigon
            2. truffled egg toast at 'ino
            3. doughnuts at Doughnut Plant
            4. gelato from Il Lab, especially the basil and honey-lavender
            5. Pizza Bianca at Sullivan St. Bakery
            6. Breakfast at Barney Greengrass
            7. olive oil gelato from Otto
            8. Kee's chocolates, especially earl gray and passionfruit
            9. Beef Cheek Ravioli at Babbo
            10. dumplings at Dumpling House

            1. ( no particular order)
              1- B&H Dairy ( pea soup and blintz)
              2- Joe Shanghai ( soup dumplings)
              3- Mamoouns ( flafal )