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Aug 17, 2005 06:04 PM

Your two favorite Mexican restaurants in the East Village

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They can be waiter-service places or literal holes in the wall. I'm going for diversity.

Ready. . .
Set. . .

Thanks Hounds!

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  1. mercadito is the only mex rest i venture to in the east village.

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    1. re: T.D.

      Agreeed. Mercardito is a great destination in the EV. Itzocan is also good, but small.

      There's a low-end place, big, lots of space, called El Rancho de Girasol. On the "authentic" side. I stopped going on weekend nights, however, because they started bringing in mariachis and the noise was intolerable. If there are no mariachis the place is excellent! Call and ask. 1st AVe. and 13th St.

      There's also La Palapa on St. Marks and 1st Ave, but it's expensive and uneven.

      I also, however, also like Juanitas on the LES.

      1. re: xaviet

        Unfortunately, Rancho el Girasol has closed down. It was a great place to go for authentic and cheap sit down Mexican. There tacos were especially good.

        1. re: keith

          Omigod, NOOOOOO! I just called El Girasol and the number's toast. Anyone know where the lady has gone that ran this place? Maybe she'll open up elsewhere???

    2. La Ceiba on Ave A is awesome.

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      1. re: PDDY

        I agree, Mercandito is the place in the East Village (unless you want to count Benny's Burritos). And the ceviche...when it's good, it's oh so good....


        1. re: PDDY
          foodie fodder

          cafe el portal is the best mexican i've had in the city, fresh and authentic.

          elizabeth and kenmare.

        2. Mercadito: yes.

          Also brunch at Juanita on Rivington is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you're tipsy.



          1. Maryann's. Fifth and Second. It may be passe but I still think it's great.

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            1. re: Steve

              I dont know about this branch, but other ones I've been to are decidedly mediocre and not that authentic.

              1. re: jeanki

                authentic Tex-Mex if that's what you are looking for. Nothing Mexican about the place.

            2. Definitely Paquito's on 9th and 1st. Good and fresh, not overly greasy.

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              1. re: Joe

                Ugh, I had an awful meal there last night. Beans were tasteless and unseasoned, salsa was extremely watery with almost no flavor except for a slight hint of cilantro, rice was dried.