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Aug 16, 2005 05:47 PM

Supermarkets/grocery stores in Midtown??

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Hi! I live in Westchester and sometimes I want to pick up ingredients for dinner before I get home or on my lunch hour. I love the Grand Central Market but I am looking for basics. Nothing fancy and/or overpriced. Are there any places in Midtown? I used to live in Brooklyn and was used to grocery stores on every corner and a supermarket that was less than 5 blocks away. Now it feels like I'm in the boonies and I don't drive. The super stop & shop is far away, especially for after work.


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  1. Midtown where? It's pretty big. There are certainly some, but you usually have to go a bit east or west.

    How about the Associated at Second Avenue and 48th? There's a Food Emporium near there, too.

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      There's a "D'Agostino Supermarket" on Third Ave. near 38th Street, about a five minute walk from Grand Central.

      1. re: Fida

        I'm really close to Grand Central. I passed by D'Agostinos this morning but figured it was expensive. I'll definitely go in there soon.

        1. re: Bernadetteishavingacraving

          In my experience, D'Agostino's is unfortunately the "norm," having gone upscale a while back, and I find Associated considerably cheaper. And it's a fairly short walk to Grand Central.

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            There is a Gristedes on 41st and 2nd. There is a D'Agostino's on 37th and Lex.

            On 45th between 2nd and 3rd there is an Amish Market--this is more expensive, but it has some of the basics that Grand Central Market doesn't have.