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Aug 10, 2005 09:22 AM

John's Pizza on 64th and 1st Avenue

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I must say, I have been looking all over NYC to find the close to perfect thin crust NY style pizza. Last night by accident, I went in with a few friends and let me tell you, we got a veggie supreme pie and a baked eggplant and prociutto white pie. Both pizzas were perfectly charred at the bottom and very thin and crisp. My idea of the perfect pizza. As for the price, I don;t know since I was not the one who paid. I recommend if you love thin style NY pizza, this is definitely a great choice...not to mention, we sat outdoors at this cute little backyard. It was a great night.

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  1. This is actually my favorite John's location for overall pizza quality.

    1. I love this John's Pizzeria, too. Good pies, nice service, good prices, nice garden.