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Guatemalan Food

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  • JoeB Aug 9, 2005 08:59 PM
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Does anyone know of a restaurant in NYC or Queens that serves Guatemalan food?

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  1. There is a place in Jamaica called Tierras Centroamericanas, but it's not THAT good. i am Guatemalan, and I went there to satisfy a craving, which it did, somewhat. The best tamales I've ever had were in one of the Guatemalan stands at Red Hook ballfields. Unfortunately, they don't open until summer, i think.

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      Ok..I have to ask: How is the Pollo Campero in Queens? I've never read about it here (bad sign, I guess) and thought that they might have closed, but I took a look at their website and see that they have a few in the metro area (and one in Shanghai!)

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        Pollo Campero is the "KFC" of Guatemala. If you want a good piece of fried chicken it's a nice fast food joint to go to, nothing that special.

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          Sorry to hear that. There seemed to have been much excitement among Guatemalans when they arrived in Queens, but I guess the slick website gives that one away. I know this is odd, but my most enduring food memory of Guatemala is the fried chicken from one of the stalls at the Cuatro Caminos bus junction...a long time ago but I still remember that tasty chicken!

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            I agree. A few years I traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, and dined at a Pollo Campero. How surprised I was to see this chain appear in Corona! I just had to make a visit.

      2. Izalco at 64-05 Woodside has Salvadoran, and so does El Salvadoreno in Manhattan.

        La Orquidea has Honduran. www.chowhound.com/topics/448262

        If Garifuna Star ever reopens, it too has Honduran... of a sort.

        And, saving the best for last, the Village Voice's Sietsema recommends a GUATEMALAN restaurant in Queens called Xelaju.

        87-52 168th Street, Queens 718-206-1457

        Sorry it took so long for me to answer your post.

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          > And, saving the best for last, the Village Voice's Sietsema recommends a GUATEMALAN restaurant in Queens called Xelaju.

          Now apparently renamed Tierras Centro Americanas ... http://www.project-me.com/2006/09/tie...

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            I'd been to Xelaju probably a decade ago when it was just "discovered" with my then Guatemalan boyfriend and it was fairly mediocre then.... A lot can happen in ten years I guess...