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Jan 4, 2003 09:22 PM

Austin TX 'hound in Sunnyale for a week - HELP!

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I'll be staying at the Sheraton in Sunnyvale for a week starting Sunday evening. I'll be there on business with three other colleagues (sharing a car), so not free to patrol for the most out of the way, but would love to know of any recs for accessible places where a group could have a reasonably enjoyable time and eat good food. We do have a company expense account, so the fellow travelers (not chowhounds) will not expect to go to "dives," - where I'm sure we'd have much better food.

Basically, I know that there has to be something better than the Sheraton's room service, Bennigan's and Chili's.

I'm not familiar with the Sunnyvale area; the Sheraton is on North Mathilda avenue near Lockheed, Yahoo, Moffett Park, etc.

I'd SO appreciate any help.


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  1. Sunnyvale and surrounding areas are basically an extension of India, so I'd recommend hitting one of the classier Indian restaurants. The one I frequent is Dasaprakash (link below)- very homestyle vegetarian South Indian food. Nice atmosphere and service too (tops as far as Indian restaurants here go).

    Another upscale Indian option would be Amber in Mountain View. It's north Indian, non-veggie (guessing Taxan colleagues would freak out at the lack of meat at Dasaprakash) and also has a nicer atmosphere. It's at

    Neither of these places should be a complex or long drive from your hotel, and either will give you a true taste of the Bay Area.


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      For the best pizza in the universe, drive to Mountain View on El Camino to Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi's. You won't be sorry. Address: 939 W. El Camino Phone: 408 446 9644

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        Another vote for Frankie, Johnnie and Luigi's if you are interested in pizza.

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          anything at F,J & L's that is particularly good?

          1. re: gordon wing

            Not really. It is red-checkered tablecloth, Chianti in a whicker bottle type of mini-chain.

            By CA standards the pizza is OK, but anyone who had pizza in Chicago or New York would find it lacking. As it is, the pizza is over-sauced and bland with just OK crust.

            Amici (also a chain) on Castro near El Camino in Mountain View has good thin crust pizza. For deep dish pizza, Pizza Chicago in Mountain View on El Camino is a better choice.

            I could list a couple of dozen places with better pizzas, including the Costco takeout pies.

      2. Don't know if you're looking for any particular type or ethnicity but I just did a Control F search on "Sunnyvale" and came up with this... hope the link works - I've never tried to add one before...


        1. Fiesta del Mar in downtown Mountain View, on Villa two blocks S of Castro has great Mexican seafood plus a wide Tequilla list.

          Ethnic choices will be your best bet, but there are other options as well.

          Tarragon in downtown Sunnyvale on Murphy St. is an upscale bistro. It is overpriced, but given the expense account, the food is OK.

          Birk's in Santa Clara at 3955 Freedom Circle in a big hotel, I think the Mariott has good food. It is/was one of the Valley power scenes.

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            Judith Hurley

            I second Amber India, and also I'd suggest Kabul for Afghani food, which is on the Camino in what I think is actually Sunnyvale proper. Depending on when you plan to go, both places get pretty busy and a reservation helps.

            1. Two fairly upscale places that I've enjoyed in that area are:

              1) Turmerik. Upscale (fairly expensive) Indian, with especially good tandoori dishes (and a well-chosen wine list). It's on 141 S. Murphy Ave in Sunnyvale (and I believe that street has several other good restaurants, but I don't know for sure...however it might be worth a stroll.) Phone is 408-617-9100. Their website says they've just added a buffet dinner, so that might be an interesting way to try it as well.

              2) In Santa Clara, but just off 101 at Great America Parkway (so close to Sunnyvale) is Bradley Ogden's Parcel 104, which is upscale california cuisine in a lovely, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired interior. Friends have had mixed experiences but both times I've been there have been delicious, if slightly overpriced. Lots of seasonal dishes, beautiful presentations..not your average hotel restaurant (it's in the Marriot).