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Aug 4, 2005 03:13 PM

Nicky's Banh Mi

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About a month ago, I wrote a long post detailing my experience at Saigon Banh Mi (ridiculous wait, decent sandwich).

In response, several people (Nina W, The Rogue, amp156, and ivie) pointed me towards Nicky's, who I paid a visit to shortly thereafter.

I've really been slacking on posting this, and I'm not really in the mood to get into a long thing right now, but...

Nicky's pork chop banh mi is the best version of the sandwich I've yet had, better than Saigon, So 1, etc. The pork chop was delicious, the vegetables complimented everything in a much more subtle and enjoyable way, and the bread roundly blew away the rolls used by the others (sitting on a bench in that park on the other side of Houston, I must have looked like a nut staring at my sandwich like I was).

The lemonade is also worthy of mention. Really nice stuff.

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  1. Is the banh mi at Nicky's comparably priced to other banh mi spots?

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    1. re: 718eater

      The classic, the pork chop and the chicken sandwiches all cost $3.95.

    2. i had the Classic Banh Mi there for the first time last week and I thought it was fantastic. Next stop, pork chop.

      1. wish you posted this this morning. was thinking about trekking to nicky's in this heat for lunch.. but got lazy.. i needed that extra nudge.. :(

        glad you liked it tho. :)

        1. I've tried their regular style, pork style and the portobello style and i must say its ALL DELICIOUS! Great to go with a couple of friends so you can all share halves

          1. Funny, my most recent ridiculous bahn mi waits have both been at Nicky's. And I like the No.1 at Saigon Bahn Mi lots better than the Nicky's one. to each his own.

            The lemonade is really good.

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            1. re: Wisco

              agree 100%. saigon banh mi is transcendent and incredible, one of my all time favorite foods in new york. their new location, tucked away in the back of a traditional jewelry store, is totally surreal.

              nicky's pork sandwich is bland in comparison.

              that being said, i love nicky's because the staff is so lovely. i love that they have a veg version (and a damn good portabello shroom it is); their chicken sandwich is nice too.